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Post Falls, Idaho Tutoring Programs

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Post Falls District and Curriculum

The Post Falls School District consists of two high schools, two middle schools and five elementary schools and embraces the modern demands for technology training and membership in a global community. Their curriculum follows the State Standards guidelines and incorporates the Common Core State Standards. This combined curriculum is referred to as the Idaho State Standards.

We currently cover the following Post Falls-area school district: Post Falls School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Post Falls District Curriculum

Students in ELA begin with comprehension and interpretation. First and second graders use pictures, titles and subtitles, vocabulary lists, and the text itself. Learners identify the characters, setting, or plot of a story and the difference between fiction and nonfiction. In middle school, students concentrate on the improvement of their reading fluency and developing critial writing abilities.

Post Falls’ math curriculum also has five standards. Standard 1 teaches students what numbers are and how to use them. Standard 2 teaches measurement using the customary and metric system. Standard 3 introduces students to algebraic symbols, forms and concepts. Standard 4 shows students how to recognize, describe and categorize shapes and space. Standard 5 teaches how to read, gather, represent, and predict data on various graphs or charts.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Post Falls Educational News

  • Reverse Job Fair - Post Falls’ high school and prep school seniors put a spin on job hunting. Instead of looking for jobs, the jobs look for them. They researched jobs in school for a career they found interesting. Next, they prepared a portfolio and visual presentation of their findings. At the Reverse Job Fair, the students were interviewed by participating businessmen and women about the careers they chose. Finally, the students interviewed the business professionals. Fourteen of the students were selected as the top interviewers and were given college scholarships.
  • Post Falls History Walk - Ponderosa Elementary fourth graders teamed up with historian, Kim Brown, to develop the Post Falls History Walk. They posted an online map that features Post Fall citizens who have made great contributions to the city’s history. What a dynamic lesson in technology skills!
  • Students Receive Over $3 Million in Scholarships - The senior class at Post Falls High School is setting records with their scholarship funding awards. All in all, the students amassed more than $3 million to support college bound goals, in academics, athletics and from local organizations sponsoring smaller scholarship opportunities. Congratulations, Seniors!

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Crossing the I's and Dotting the T's

In a day when one can type in an address without capital letters or find information about a topic, even if it is misspelled, proper grammar skills are still important. When completing a state exam, college entrance tests, or applying for a job, one must have perfect grammar to be successful. Therefore, these skills must be taught and mastered. A student or graduate does not always have the convenience of a computer with spell check or similar conveniences. It is during those times when personal knowledge of English conventions cannot be substituted. Students need to know that a sentence and proper noun begins with a capital letter, regardless to the fact that most email addresses are written with a small letters and are case sensitive. They must not forget to place a period at the end of a statement and a question mark at the end of a question, even while they may put them in the middle of a web address. Correct grammar is still mandatory and mastery of it a must.