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Richfield District and Curriculum

Richfield Public Schools’ curriculum relies on the state standards to guide direction instruction, while simultaneously using complex tasks and assignments to meet the skills and strategies needed for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The emphasis in both content areas is for students to be successful in college and in the professional workplace of today. Each strategy to learn a given concept and idea in ELA and Math is for the purposes of solving complex tasks that will help students master key ideas and concepts at a faster rate. Problem solving and higher level thinking are also fostered, with a decided emphasis on the various content areas.

We currently cover the following Richfield-area school district: Richfield Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Richfield District Curriculum

By Kindergarten, students are expected to share opinions, inform and explain, entertain through narratives and other creative text. They will be able to read from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and page by page; know and use high-frequency words and letter sounds; read reader-emergent texts with purpose and understanding; and the ability to read books with pictures that support understanding, use sentence patterns, and possess common and frequently used words. Even in kindergarten, students are introduced to the beginning of pattern recognition.

A goal of the math curriculum is to prepare students for algebra, and successful completion of pre-algebra by 8th grade. Spatial reasoning skills are developed for the purposes of geometry and, by the end of high school classes in statistics and probability that meet the state standards for data analysis and probability. The 2015 graduating class faces the Algebra completion requirement by 8th grade, and the completion of an Algebra II credit or its equivalent.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Richfield Educational News

  • Exceptional Teacher Recognition - Two teachers of note in the Richfield Public Schools are Lee Herman and Merti Oberle. Herman’s been a teacher in the district since 1993; and his memories and experience of teaching describe the rapid success of the district in updating its technologies for use in the classroom. The purposes of the Richfield schools for using these technologies is to support differentiated learning for students and to access information to extend their own learning, as well as to give them more breadth of understanding in the entire range of subjects.
  • Richfield S.T.E.M. School - The Richfield Science - Technology - Engineering - Math School is holding the 7th Annual Richfield Public Schools “Go Lean Go Green Community Wellness Expo” on April 12. The school is drawing attention to its S.T.E.M. program during the expo. Visitors will experience over 40 interactive vendors, some focusing on the educational skills and projects of Richfield students, such as School Projects and Displays, School Choir Performances, and Book Swap. There’s even a display of the physical education performances of the students, with an obstacle course, and a focus on the arts, assisted by the Richfield Art Commission.
  • TRIO Talent Search - Richfield Public Schools, in combination with the middle school, is proud to announce the Educational Talent Search. Supported by the TRIO Grant Program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this program helps 600 or more students consider and research their post-secondary school options, namely those options that would continue a student’s education. The main population of candidates comes from low-income families. The program not only encourages students to finish high school, the personal counseling, academic and career advising, and discussions about financial challenges and goals. The Educational Talent Search makes this their goal, and more, to improve the chances of students to continue their education in college or a university.

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Chalk Talk: The Importance of the Base 10 Blocks

Starting in Kindergarten and the later grades, the importance of Base Ten Blocks cannot be understated. A child’s understanding of the Base 10 is most suited for the use of the manipulatives. The broad framework of number size, number relations, flexibly decomposing and reconfiguring numbers, and thinking multiplicatively happens in the teaching of Base 10. By taking advantage of the ease of mathematical manipulatives, concepts such as addition, subtraction, number sense, place value, and counting are introduced, and students engage with these concepts by using the manipulatives. Using the three-dimensional blocks come at an important time in a student’s academic life when they’re in elementary school. Teachers can successfully introduce students to concepts by the practice of modeling, which is done through the use of the Base 10 Blocks. Since cognitive development begins in Kindergarten and the earliest grades, the use of the blocks comes at a time when they’re most receptive and capable of grasping basic mathematical concepts.