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Rio Vista, California Tutoring Programs

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Rio Vista District and Curriculum

The curriculum used in Rio Vista is referred to as the California Content Standards or the Common Core Standards. The Common Core is a set of standards developed in a national collaboration of education and subject-area professionals who wished to establish clear goals that would prepare students for college and career requirements.

In Math, students are expected to learn basic operations, how to select and use computational tools, and methods to analyze data presented in charts or data sets. With these basic problem-solving strategies, students are prepared to do more advanced work in algebra, geometry, statistics and to begin pre-calculus.

In Science, students are grounded in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics and the curriculum directs that teachers emphasize laboratory and hands-on experiments. Students learn many facts and principles of science but also gain process and research-oriented skills. In high school, advanced topics ranging from Environmental Science to Engineering and Design are increasingly offered. These classes require the skills of the foundational classes.

We currently cover the following Rio Vista-area school district: River Delta Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Rio Vista District Curriculum

The curriculum for English/Language Arts is aimed to develop the communication and analytic abilities of good readers and writers. Through a basic understanding of the structure of language, the development of skills for vocabulary development, and modeled instruction on strategies to comprehend text students increase their abilities to interpret and evaluate new information. Writing is also a critical feature of the curriculum and students are expected to understand the craft of writing and how to develop writing for purposes like exposition or persuasion.

The overall outcomes are intended to bestow students with necessary critical thinking skills that do prepare them for college and career goals. The interplay of analytic thought and problem-solving skills give students precisely what they need to accomplish these goals.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Rio Vista Educational News

  • Delta Ag Boosters - The Ag Boosters are a parent-led group that helps supports the FFA club at Delta High School. Students in this organization are preparing for careers in agriculture and are able to develop a broad knowledge base through their program.
  • College & Universities - The district provides many resources for students and parents to research information related to college choices, program offerings and opportunities for scholarships.
  • Radio Rio - Community-based and produced, Radio Rio offers a chance to support local media and artistic endeavors. This is a great resource for finding out about issues and interesting events occurring within the community.

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