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Roanoke Rapids District and Curriculum

Roanoke Rapids Graded School District’s Curriculum and Instruction team collaborates with and provides systemic support to teacher and student learning by clarifying the state and national curricula, providing professional development on practices that are proven through research to enhance student learning, ensuring that the Curriculum and Instruction department’s services and programs are consistent and effective, and developing Professional Learning Communities within schools and the district so that teachers can interact and make sure that the curriculum and instruction are horizontal across grade levels and content areas and vertical from one grade level to the next.

We currently cover the following Roanoke Rapids-area school district: Roanoke Rapids Graded School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Roanoke Rapids District Curriculum

Roanoke Rapids Graded School District emphasizes literacy and math learning during the elementary years with a focus on preparing students for the increased pace and complexity of middle school. Students learn to read and critically think about works of fiction and non-fiction, and are asked to convey their thoughts in short pieces of writing. In middle school, greater formality is introduced into the writing curriculum and students are expected to use proper conventions and strong vocabulary.

The district is highly committed to implementing innovative teaching methods to increase student learning, and its Curriculum and Instruction Department uses a “lead by example” approach in terms of designing and delivering lessons and activities using technology and actually utilizing the technology in the classroom. This helps ensure that there is timely support for teachers having difficulty using technology, that district standards are maintained, that security is established, and that training is delivered to teachers.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Roanoke Rapids Educational News

  • Manning Students Collect Teddy Bears for Abused Children - Manning Elementary students brought in over 100 new and gently used teddy bears as part of a service project to help other children. The initiative was part of Child Abuse Prevention Month.The teddy bears were given to children who were abused or neglected at the T.E.D.I. Bear Children’s Advocacy Center in Greenville, NC.
  • RRGSD Hosts Special Olympics - Roanoke Rapids Graded School District has been selected as the site of the 2016 Halifax County Special Olympics Athletics Spring Games. Athletes who will participate in the Games will come from schools within Halifax County, including RRGSD. The mascot, TOGA, is traveling the nation seeking volunteers of all ages, abilities, and interests. The Special Olympics’ vision is for communities and people to open their minds to, accept, and include individuals with intellectual abilities and celebrate the similarities in all people.
  • Manning Fourth Grader Earns Perfect Score in National Competition - Competing in the national vocabulary competition WorldMasters Challenge™ and in the very challenging Gold Division, a Manning Elementary fourth grader earned a perfect score of 20 in the contest. Although there were around 150,000 participants in the annual competition, only 27 students achieved a perfect score, so this was a rare and outstanding feat. Additionally, three fourth graders and two seventh graders from the district achieved the high and rare score of 19.

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Chalk Talk: Elementary Literacy Development

Teachers may feel that very young students may be incapable of creating complete storybooks, but one of the major advantages of storytelling as a literacy teaching tool is that it is so flexible and can be used in all the grade levels. The process can certainly be adapted for elementary students; the younger their students, the more time teachers have to spend going over the process and how to use the specific programs, but even today’s youngest students are regular technology users and are fast learners. With elementary school students, it is likely best for them to create the storyboards for their digital stories using pencil-and-paper template, cutting down the preparation time and the risk for technical difficulties. A simpler approach is to to have students use PowerPoint to devise their digital stories, as they likely will be familiar using this program. They can type out their stories or information slide-by-slide, insert their images and animations, and record certain portions of the story with their voices to be played back.