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Rockport District and Curriculum

Rockport Public Schools is a small district with core values and beliefs that include working with families and the community to provide a nurturing environment in which students can develop respect, integrity, and success; fostering intellectual curiosity; and cultivating 21st century skills that are necessary for success in an ever-changing global society. The goals of each subject include proficiency in basic skills and also the development of critical thinking skills that help them understand why the subject is important and how to use it in real life. Students are also provided with a number of opportunities to connect with their personal interests through the electives, community projects, and extracurricular groups available to them.

We currently cover the following Rockport-area school district: Rockport Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Rockport District Curriculum

In Math, students learn about operations and algebraic thinking. Finding missing values is an iconic skill students use in algebra, and third grade students must be able to do this in multiplication problems. Students may be asked to solve the missing value in the form of a question mark or blank; an example problem is “3 x ? = 27.” Students must use their knowledge of math facts and division to solve this problem. This is important because middle and high school algebra relies on the finding of variables.

The geometry curriculum requires that students become able to prove geometric theorems and make geometric constructions. They learn how to express geometric properties with equations and use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically. Students are also introduced to trigonometry and learn how define trigonometric ratios and solve problems involving right triangles. These specific skills help them to look at any type of math problem and determine the best method to solve it, which is a primary goal of the math curriculum.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Rockport Educational News

  • Director of Guidance Who Inspired Thousands Retires - Rockport High's director of guidance George Ramsden, who inspired and mentored thousands of students and teachers, recently retired. His office--devoid of a computer--was filled with student records, awards, and gifts dating back to 1971. Ramsden wants to be remembered as a teacher who made a difference and prides himself on recalling his former students' names and graduation years. He has greatly impacted his students, inspiring some to become teachers; the Class of 2008 even contributed a $2,500 gift to the scholarship foundation with his namesake.
  • Rockport Staff Receives Trifecta of Awards - Despite Rockport Middle-High School being a relatively small school, three of its staff members were honored for various professional achievements. Teaching assistant Michelle Elwell, who has been known for her endless devotion to her students during the 26 years she has been at Rockport, received the Education Support Professional of the Year by the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Guidance counselor Amy Rose started the Lighthouse Project to help her students focus on spreading kindness and respect, which earned her a letter of recommendation from the White House. The long-time health teacher, coach, and athletic director earned two awards for her work as the school's athletic director.
  • Dancing with the Fifth Graders - For months, Rockport fifth graders have received instruction in ballroom dancing, including the tango, swing, cha cha, and more, from their music and gym teachers as well as two local dance instructors. They had an opportunity to show off the skills and techniques they learned in front of their friends and families during the elementary school's Ballroom Blitz. The Ballroom Blitz, which is funded by the Rockport Educational Foundation, is inspired by the documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom," which features a ballroom dancing program for 11-year-olds in the New York City schools.

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Chalk Talk: Nature-Deficit Disorder

There are some children that take any down time to sit in front of any piece of technology, instead of enjoying the outdoors. Some of these children have an indifference to the wonders of the outdoors. Parents may need to find opportunities to help these children spread their nature wings. A love for nature can be initiated by going on a walk with a child and showing wonder for buds, or changes that they can see from one walk to another. Even in a city with few green spaces, children can be shown the wonder for grass that insists on growing between sidewalk slabs, or ivy growing on a building. Other opportunities to encourage a love of nature is to enroll a child into a summer camp that has time where the children are encouraged to explore the world around them as they use their senses and play.