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Rome District and Curriculum

The Rome City School System is operated by the City Commission of Rome, Georgia and under the direction of the Rome City School Board of Education. This school system follows all common core requirements that are issued by the U.S. Board of Education. Through following the common core this district will ensure that by the time a student graduates they are ready for either college or work. While the common core covers all subject areas the focus is on literacy across content areas.

We currently cover the following Rome-area school district: Rome City Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Rome District Curriculum

The teachers use a curriculum based on grade level standards and literacy standards. Grade level standards use a curriculum laddered from the Anchor Standards showing what students should understand and be able to do at each grade level of instruction. Anchor Standards are what students should comprehend and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school. The grade level standards are then combined with literacy standards for each subject area. Literacy Standards are reading and Writing concepts and ideas that should be implemented in each of the core areas.

Rome City Schools is an award winning school district that boasts outstanding student achievement results. Not only does the school provide a rigorous curriculum but also an excellent academic experience for its students population. Rome City Schools endeavors to collaborate with parents to better assist each student in achieving their academic goals.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Rome Educational News

  • Rome Schools Make the List - According to the U.S. News and World Report Rome schools are ranked 31st in the state of Georgia and 1,679 nationally based on their best schools list. While these numbers at first don't appear to be that impressive when one considers not only the number of schools in Georgia but across the county this is indeed an impressive feat. There are currently 446 High Schools in Georgia and over 21,000 High Schools across America. This rating is based on college preparedness, test scores, math and English proficiency, and student to teacher ratio.
  • Choral Distinction - Rome High School is proud indeed of its choral program. Thirty-seven choir members have been selected to participate in the All State chorus. This is a huge event that is held annually. The All State Chorus is a prestigious concert students who make the cut are gathered for 3 days to rehearse the concert pieces with world renowned instructors followed by a concert at the end of the 3 days. Of all the students enrolled in choral programs across the state only 11% will be able to perform at a high enough level to garner them a spot in the All State Chorus.
  • Number One Again - Rome City High School scored an overall average of 1669 on the SAT. The SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a three part test each section is worth a possible 800 points meaning that a score can be up to 2400 points. Rome City Schools, SAT score of 1669 which was the average among 101 test takers makes it the best scoring school in the State of Georgia. While this is a huge achievement the school aims to beat that score this year. The School will not settle for staying at this level and are determined to be continually improving.

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Students need to have excellent vocabulary skills in our world today knowing and being able to spell words is often over looked due to the enormous amount of technology that will do it for you however, the basic ability to know words is crucial in life. It is not about knowing just the basics it is about your child knowing a variety of words that can be used to enhance ones meaning. Don't just settle for basic wording. Push for elaborate wording. Example: The valley is green. Wouldn't the valley is lush or the valley is verdant sound better? Sit down with your child and pick up a dictionary or thesaurus and find new words to use. Make it a game. Have them find words for you to spell and learn then you do the same with them. You and your child will gain a lot by learning new and useful words.