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Rudioso District and Curriculum

The public schools in Ruidoso, New Mexico are in the jurisdiction of the Ruidoso Municipal School District. A rigorous academic curriculum fosters educational excellence and prepares students for further education and the workforce. The district has a partnership with the Ruidoso Instruction Center of Eastern New Mexico University which offers students the opportunity to earn college credits in high school.

We currently cover the following Rudioso-area school district: Ruidoso Municipal School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Rudioso District Curriculum

The Ruidoso Municipal School District follows the curriculum for Common Core which has been implemented state wide in New Mexico. Common Core provides a curriculum standard particularly in the areas of English and Language Arts and Mathematics that prepare students for both college and the workforce.In Mathematics, students focus on becoming mathematically literate in math basics including computational skills, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability. Students learn to use fundamental math skills to solve increasingly difficult math problems by applying the skills and math rules they have learned.

The Ruidoso High School also includes additional curriculum as it is a Career Pathways School with each student developing an individual career plan in the areas of industrial or agricultural work, business and technology, hospitality or tourism, science, engineering or medicine, arts and media and human services. Students pursue these career plans through coursework, internships, and work experiences.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Rudioso Educational News

  • Marching Band - The Concert and Marching Band for the Ruidoso High School is an important part of the High School experience for those high school musicians. The band is made up of students from the 9th to the 12th grade and provides performance experience in addition to learning different styles of music, music theory and ear training. Over the school year the band performs at a variety of venues and participates in competitions including the state band contest. The Honor Band is open to exceptional high school musicians and is by invitation only.
  • Lions Club Scholarships - Graduates of Ruidoso High School were recently presented with annual scholarship awards from the Evening Lions Club. The outstanding high school graduates received scholarship awards in the amount of $750. To qualify for consideration for the Lions Club scholarship students must be academically at the top of their class. The Evening Lions Club has been in existence for more than 73 years making it the oldest civic organization in Ruidoso.
  • Ruidoso Gets Report Card - New Mexico has recently released the 2013 statewide grades for all public schools in the state. Ruidoso High School received an A grade, which is marked improvement from last year’s C grade. In addition the Nob Hill Early Childhood Center went from a failing grade in 2012 up to a B. Ruidoso Municipal School Superintendent George Bickert sees the grades as an opportunity to build on the work accomplished with the High School to improve the grades for the elementary and middle schools.

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Chalk Talk: Audio Shows about Important Scientists

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