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Schofield Barracks District and Curriculum

Schofield Barracks-area schools, as part of the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE), are devoted to producing students who understand how to serve their communities. These goals are supported by the General Learner Outcomes upheld by the DOE, which include such desired outcomes as teaching students to use technology ethically and instilling in students the idea that it is important to work together.

We currently cover the following Schofield Barracks-area school district: Hawaii Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Schofield Barracks District Curriculum

As part of a continual process to keep students’ learning up-to-date, the DOE is instituting a switch to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS); the CCSS will replace the older No Child Left Behind standards. One of the main differences students can expect to experience under the new standards is a greater focus on the ‘whys’ behind concepts, as opposed to simply learning the ‘hows.’ This change will be especially noticeable in English Language Arts and mathematics curricula; students will not learn by rote, but rather be taught to understand how to think critically and logically.

Another important update to Schofield Barracks-area school curricula is focused on digital learning. The DOE plans to give students more access to digital learning materials, which will eventually replace print materials. This switch will help alleviate the use of outdated materials and allow students more freedom in personalizing their learning.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Schofield Barracks Educational News

  • Public School Enrollment Data Released - Public school enrollment in the state of Hawaii for the 2012-2013 school year increased 1.1 percent compared to the previous year. This data includes all Hawaii State Department of Education public and charter schools.
  • Facilities Improvements - While no one was harmed in the 2012 collapse of Farrington High School’s auditorium, the Hawaii State Department of Education is taking the precaution of inspecting all public school auditoriums built in the same timeframe.
  • HSTA News - The state of Hawaii is continuing negotiations with the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) despite turning down the HSTA’s latest proposal. The HSTA proposal sought to increase teachers’ salaries, which would require a $1 billion investment over the next four years.

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Chalk Talk: How Is a GPA Determined?

To measure student performance, high schools and colleges convert students’ letter grades into a GPA, or grade point average. Each letter grade has an assigned numerical value. A student’s GPA is calculated by adding the numbers correspondent to grades together, then dividing by the number of grades added. The resulting number is reflective of a student’s academic performance; the higher the number, the better the student has done in classes. Most universities and high schools use a 4.0 scale, where an ‘A’ equals 4.0, with each lower grade worth less and less numerically. A student’s GPA is important because it tells schools whether a student is doing well or struggling. College admissions officers also factor in GPA when looking at candidates for universities.