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Sebastopol, California Tutoring Programs

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Sebastopol District and Curriculum

The school districts of Sebastopol all follow the framework adopted by the state of California and is enumerated through the California Content Standards and the Common Core Standards. These are both framework documents that provide the full scope and sequence of learning objectives for students across the grade span. They are used in all subjects, electives, and specially designed programs to guide student learning.

The goals for the Language Arts curriculum are sweeping in their scope. Students are expected to develop the critical thinking habits of writers, readers, and participants in discussions about events and ideas. The comprehension, analysis, and evaluation of texts is one major strand of the curriculum. Teachers are able to model strategies to develop these habits of readership and proficiency in them are essential for tackling other subjects. Writing is also a major emphasis in the curriculum and students will be expected to develop written work and use editing strategies, including peer editing, to improve their written expression.

We currently cover the following Sebastopol-area school district: Oak Grove School District, Gravenstein Union School District, Sebastopol Union School District, Twin Hills School District, West Sonoma County Union High School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Sebastopol District Curriculum

Math has been designed to teach students how to understand number systems and quantities, and to manipulate and problem-solve with increasingly complex mathematical processes. By high school, students will be using modeling techniques, expressions and equations, abstract reasoning, argumentation and proofs in their math classes. In Science, students are offered a hands-on learning experience in Biology, Earth and Life Science, Physics, and in subjects like Chemistry, Environmental Science, Technology, and pre-Engineering.

These subjects require the use of the measurement and data analysis skills also taught in Math. Generally, the more advanced topics will require students to bring the knowledge gained in other subjects into the new subject. Students will be expected to write and collaborate on projects, calling upon them to develop planning skills and initiative. Many teachers will also require portfolio-based evidence of student growth and will ask students to design a project that can provide evidence of their academic growth.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Sebastopol Educational News

  • Park Side Elementary School - Park Side Elementary School is one of a handful of elementary schools that have incorporated the International Baccalaureate Program into the early years educational opportunities for its students. This program is designed to teach from a global perspective while emphasizing rigorous curricular academics. Students are offered an inquiry-based experience and the program is available for students in grades K-5.
  • ENRICH Program - The ENRICH Program at Gravenstein is a Creative Arts Magnet School that welcomes students from the district and through inter-district transfer. The students experience a curriculum infused with opportunities for artistic expression and as a focus of instruction. This program is for students in grades K-8 and provides additional experiences such as attending Shakespeare festivals and conducting outdoor learning for units in other subject areas like environmental science.
  • Analy Garden Project - The Analy Garden Project is an off-site project initiated by students at Analy High School. They meet at the garden for weekly work parties, learn gardening techniques, grow and harvest a variety of vegetables and plants, and are developing naturalistic skills that can be used throughout life. This group also contributes to the community through its beautification and offers great potential for envisioning where and how gardens can be installed.

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