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Shamokin, Pennsylvania Tutoring Programs

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Shamokin District and Curriculum

Using the SAS or Standards Aligned System to incorporate Core standards in English and Math, the Shamokin Area School District has a system in place to make sure their students are ready not only for proficiency exams during their 3rd, 8th and 11th year, but are also ready to meet the world beyond the classroom. The Standards Aligned System utilized in the Shamokin Area School District Curriculum uses a recommended approach to Student Achievement.

We currently cover the following Shamokin-area school district: Shamokin Area School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Shamokin District Curriculum

The curricular approach used in the district is six fold and includes consistent and known Standards, good Assessment of what students have learned, a Curriculum Framework which provides a roadmap for student learning, good quality Instruction to actually convey the material to students, helpful Materials & Resources needed for effective learning and Safe and Supportive Schools to provide a positive learning environment for students. Having these elements of their education in alignment, ensures that the process of teaching and learning is coherent and clear to both teachers and students.

Along with rigorous academic courses, students in the Shamokin Area School District are provided with extracurricular programs which enhance their experience. At the high school level, not only sports, but also many clubs are available including a math club, debate, science club, chess club, technology education club and many opportunities for students to work on community outreach projects or awareness campaigns.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Shamokin Educational News

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Chalk Talk: How to Stay Safe When You’re Home Alone

Do you come home to an empty house? There are things that you can do to be safe. First of all, make sure you always know how to get in contact with your parent or guardian. If that is impossible, make sure you can get hold of a safe neighbor that your parent or guardian has approved as a safe person in the case you will need something. Talk to your parent(s) or guardian about a plan and how to stay safe. It is their responsibility to make sure you are taken care of, so they should have some ideas. Know your address and phone number. If there is ever an emergency and you need to call 9-1-1 you will need this information. Don’t give your location to friends or strangers when you are by yourself. This applies if you’re walking on the street or online. Be careful not to let people know that you will be home alone. Don’t invite people over or open your door to strangers while you are by yourself. These things should help to keep you safe until your parent or guardian comes home.