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Southold District and Curriculum

Southold, New York, is part of the Southold Union Free School District. The district operates the K-6 Southold Elementary School and the 7-12 Southold Junior Senior High School. Total enrollment for the district is around 956 students. English Language Arts and math instruction in Southold schools is based on a set of internationally benchmarked standards adopted by New York and most other states. Instruction in all other classes, including health, science, and foreign languages, is based on a set of state specific standards used throughout the State of New York.

We currently cover the following Southold-area school district: Southold Union Free School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Southold District Curriculum

English Language Arts learners in Southold are encouraged to learn to read closely and attentively in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students are also encouraged to learn how to critique and research texts, and how to clearly communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing also learn how to write critically about the texts they read, which develops their ability to incorporate others ideas into their work. By doing these things, students develop important literacy skills that they can apply to all other subject areas.

Math learners in Southold schools are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of core mathematics concepts such as numeration, shape recognition and measurement, abstract thinking, and pattern recognition in the earliest grades. Students further develop their understandings of these concepts as they move up through subsequent grades, where they learn to apply their mathematics knowledge to real world problems.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Southold Educational News

  • Suffolk Zone Physical Education Leadership Awards - Four Southold students have been named Suffolk Zone Physical Education Leadership Award winners. These students were given the awards in recognition of their leadership in Southold P.E. classes.
  • Annual Music and Art Showcase - Southold students took part in the annual concert and art show. The event took place over the course of two days and featured the music and art of both Southold Elementary and Southold Junior Senior High students.
  • Oceanography Field Trip - Southold 7th graders and teachers will take part in fishing trip. Participants will leave out of Captree State Park after boarding the Captain Eddie B III. When they are not fishing, student and teachers will learn about biology, geography, and oceanography.

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Chalk Talk: Beyond the Classroom Learning

Classrooms are a great place for focused and deep learning, but their doorways do not mark where education begins and ends. Sure, students need the skills and knowledge that they learn in classrooms, but they also need practical knowledge that can only be learned outside of classrooms. Learning outside a classroom isn’t just about getting dirty hand and going to observe nature. It is about getting the opportunity to learn about the skills that get people through everyday life. Parents should think of trips to the grocery store, the car wash, and the doctor’s office as learning experiences. Going to museums, historic sites and local events is also a great learning experience within one’s own community. When parents are out and about with their children they should be looking for the opportunity to talk with their children about the educational opportunities that are all around them.