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St. Charles, Missouri Tutoring Programs

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St. Charles District and Curriculum

At St. Charles schools, lifelong learning is key to our students’ success. A full-day kindergarten program provides a firm basis for future success. Elementary grade curriculum devotes instructional time to a well-rounded series of core subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts. Physical education, art, music and character education inspire our students to think creatively and to be engaged in cultural and societal endeavors. The Show-Me State standards work hand-in-hand with the Common Core curriculum, a rigorous standard accepted in forty-five states. The curriculum strives to ensure student success in a global economy, focusing on critical literacy needs and imparting a love of learning in all students.

We currently cover the following St. Charles-area school districts: Francis Howell School District, Orchard Farm School District, and St. Charles School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the St. Charles District Curriculum

The Language Arts curriculum begins with a comprehensive scope, teaching young students to recognize letters, develop an eye for sentence structure, and practice basic text analysis. Reading, writing and listening skills are given top priority in early grades, paving the way for higher grade tasks. SAT and ACT test skills are practiced along with an application of that vocabulary to text analysis. Rhetorical devices and argumentative writing allow students to develop college-ready thinking, while expanding their own informed opinions.

Mathematics curricula in the district starts students out in the earliest grades with pattern recognition, number characteristic description, basic math operations. Algebra, geometry, statistics and calculus are among the upper level courses that the district offers, helping students view math as relevant to a wide array of disciplines. Vocational and creative electives such as art, music, technology and consumer sciences bring relevant skills to our students, while promoting individual interests.

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Keeping Informed: Recent St. Charles Educational News

  • CATCH Health Habits at St. Charles - Volunteer to help make a difference in the lives of district students! This intergenerational program needs adult volunteers to teach elementary students about the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise. To combat childhood obesity, the district offers fun games, healthy snacks and short lessons. Training is provided. Support comes from the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation.
  • Project Read and Reach Reaches Out to Students - The acclaimed Project Read and Reach after-school program helps students foster daily reading skills in a supportive environment. Literacy and character building are critical to the program, and students have fun giving back to the community while promoting a healthy mind and healthful diet choices in cooperation with CATCH Health Habits. Special weekly theme days and field trips, as well as homework help, make Project Read and Reach an academically engaging place to be.
  • District Students Promote Anti-Smoking Awareness - St. Charles students step up against smoking through the Keep Kids Tobacco Free program. Student-written essays and student-designed t-shirts were lauded, and essays were read at local school assemblies, giving younger students a strong message from older student role models to never pick up the habit.

St. Charles Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: What’s Hip?: A Short Lesson in Dinosaur Classification

What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? These ancient creatures are classified by their skeletal characteristics, as their bones are the majority of what scientists have access to study. In dinosaurs, there are two major classes based on the special shape of their hips. It’s true! One hip group is known as the Saurischians (sore-ISK-ee-ans), or “reptile hips.” In these dinosaurs, hip bones angle toward the front and back in a triangular shape, providing attachment sites for big leg muscles. This group includes the long-necked, plant-eating sauropods (SORE-oh-pods) and the meat-eating theropods (THER-oh-pods). The second hip group is known as the Ornithischians (or-nith-ISK-ee-ans), or “bird hips.” These dinosaurs angle their hip bones backward to support big tails and make room for big plant-eating bellies. This group includes the duck-billed hadrosaurs (HAD-row-sores), horned ceratopsians (ser-ah-TOP-see-ans) and armored ankylosaurs (an-KYE-low-sores). Interestingly, the group of dinosaurs most closely related to birds is the “reptile hip” group; some Saurischian hips reverted to a backward-pointing, birdlike direction in special groups, like the family that includes meat-eater Velociraptor.