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Tallulah District and Curriculum

The public schools located in the city of Tallulah, Louisiana are part of the Madison Parish School System. The system is dedicated to providing students with a world class level education that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. The district maintains an academically challenging curriculum that is based on current educational and vocational needs. Parents, guardians, and family members in addition to the community are all welcomed as stakeholders in the educational process.

We currently cover the following Tallulah-area school district: Madison Parish School System.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Tallulah District Curriculum

The Madison Parish School District, in response to the need for students to have a higher level of Math and English fluency in order to be successful in further education and in the workforce, has implemented the state approved Common Core Curriculum. The district supports this implementation with improved opportunities for learning for both students and teachers. In Mathematics, the focus is on becoming math literate in core topics such as computational skills, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and proportional reasoning.

In English and Language Arts (ELA), students concentrate on becoming fully literate in the English language in reading, writing, listening and speaking. To prepare students for the types of reading material they may encounter in post high school education and in the workforce they read both informational texts and literature. An emphasis is placed on the development of good research and critical analysis skills for use in writing assignments and reading comprehension.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Tallulah Educational News

  • Evening of Excellence - The Madison Parish School District recently held an awards evening called the Evening of Excellence to honor students for academic excellence and other achievements. The awards night was a district wide banquet and was held at the Madison Middle School/High School Cafetorium. The Evening of Excellence is an annual event.
  • Parent Night Celebration - A Parent Night Celebration was recently held by the Madison Parish School District. The celebration provided information on parent involvement opportunities within the school system and school testing programs such as LEAP. Cash door prizes were provided at the event.
  • Test Scores Remain Steady - Test scores were released recently on state standardized tests including the LEAP and iLEAP tests. According to Superintendent John White the students in most Louisiana school districts stayed about the same as the previous year. The Madison Parish School District did have drops in student testing particularly in the number of eighth graders students pass rates.

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