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Thornton District and Curriculum

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Thornton District Curriculum

The Thornton public school system recently released a strategic plan outlining the fundamental teaching and learning needs for its instructors and students. Priority has been placed on providing teachers with valuable resources, helping secondary students excel, and ensuring each student progresses both academically and socially. Achievement of these goals will be measured by the Colorado Student Achievement Program.

Adams 12 Five Star School District

Adams 12 Five Star Schools are committed to engaging and inspiring students to achieve success and become prepared for life challenges. The District maintains STEM Magnet Schools at the elementary and middle school levels for students interested in pursuing an early start in the areas of science and mathematics. An integrated arts program with instruction available in drama, music and dance, and visual art is available at the Studio School for students in grades K-5. The Advanced Academic Program (AAP) and the Gifted and Talented Program (GT) are available for K-8 students who have unique talents and learn best in a structured environment. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is also available for grades K-12. Individualized study programs for students who want to emphasize a particular academic discipline while receiving a balanced education can enroll and participate in the SOAR Honors Program.

Adams County School District 14

Adams 14 aims to inspire, educate, and empower students to fulfill all the potential they possess. The rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) program is also available for grades K-12. Most elementary schools participate in the Bridges Program which provides students with diverse academic and social enrichment opportunities geared to their particular interests. Students in grades 6-12 can participate in the AVID college-prep program which institutes a specialized literacy curriculum component for 60 minutes each school day. High school students can participate in an academy program focused on early college, science and technology, and liberal arts.

Adams County School District 27J

District 27J is dedicated to providing students with both present and future success through educating students in a skill-based curriculum. Students in grades K-12 can participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at specific schools. The district has a strong bilingual program and many opportunities to develop both English and Spanish speaking skills are available. Middle and high school students have the opportunity to enhance their learning online by using the EDU 2.0 system.

Mapleton Public School District

The Mapleton Public School District believes that local community should work with educational instructors to foster students’ individual dreams and educational talents. The District’s schools utilize a “small by design” concept that allows for more individualized educational approach. This design provides specialized curricula based pm enrollment in different schools. Elementary and middle schools have programs focused on diverse topics such as small group workshops, inquiry
based science learning, and Spanish literacy. High school students can participate in early college programs, a school for the arts program, or academy based learning in STEM disciplines.

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Thornton Area Educational News

  • New Elementary School Opens in Thornton - Brantner Elementary is the newest edition to the School District 27J enabling instruction of approximately 400 students. The new school principal Michelle Saller said the school is a testament to the community's dedication to youth education.
  • Adams 12 Five Star Schools' Partner with Bicycle Colorado - Teaching elementary school students safety regulations, the benefits of physical activity, and proper bicycle maintenance are just some of the goals of the Bicycle Colorado Program. This program has partnered with 18 elementary schools in the District, and Adams 12 Five Star Schools has purchased its own fleet of bicycles for student use.
  • Mapleton District Builds New Resources for Students - Two new buildings will provide community students with modern classrooms for grades K-12. A renovated library, gymnasium, and auditorium are also being completed.

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