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Twentynine Palms, California Tutoring Programs

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Twentynine Palms District and Curriculum

The schools of Morongo Unified use a rigorous, standards-specific curriculum to guide teaching and learning within the subjects. During the school years, students are exposed to opportunities for character and personal learning, extracurriculars and athletics. However, it is the core subject areas that develop the thinking skills which properly prepare students for the goals of college and success in a chosen career.

The Math curriculum is designed to teach the range of strategies needed for problem-solving. Starting with basic computational and relational understanding, students move through an increasingly technical set of strategies which teach skills in measurement, precision, proportion, and functions. Once a student is grounded in these strategies, they are prepared to take on subjects that require deeper levels of abstract and quantitative reasoning. Students are prepared for any class in the sciences, engineering, and technology with this base of math knowledge.

We currently cover the following Twentynine Palms-area school district: Morongo Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Twentynine Palms District Curriculum

In Language Arts, students are instructed in strategies for reading and decoding meaning in stories and in informational texts. Skills in language and word acquisition are central features of the curriculum, and support the reading, writing, and general learning ability, of students. The Language Arts curriculum places particular emphasis on writing. Students are expected to understand that written work is crafted, and clear and convincing writing is developed through a process. This is especially important in the real-life process of college and job applications.

Math and Language Arts are the basis of the Common Core Standards and the other academic subjects use a framework which similarly lays out the conceptual understanding that students are expected to develop from each of their classes. It is the understanding of concepts, and the abilities to reason, problem solve, and communicate effectively that prepare students for the direction they wish their future to take.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Twentynine Palms Educational News

  • Citizens Oversight Committee - The Citizens Oversight Committee serves an important function in the future of the school. The group is organized to translate an understanding of the goals of local Bond measures which will impact school funding. Information about the program goals, instructional and facilities needs, and required levels of funding are available to the citizens who serve on this committee. This community organization plays a key role in local educational policy decision-making.
  • School Liaison Office - For students with parents in the military, there is an office in the public schools to assist with any concerns about transitions based on moving between schools, academic and enrichment resources available to students, and social activities that are available. This office provides essential outreach for military families within the school community and are present to smooth transitions and provide extra resources.
  • Art in Public Places - The Art in Public Places Project is an on-going community effort to support the arts by finding innovative spaces in which to host events and put in permanent pieces. This effort is overseen by a community-led group, the Public Arts Advisory Committee. Anyone, including students, in the community is welcome to attend their meetings and influence the visual landscape for the future. This also provides emerging student artists with a great way to begin their involvement with an artistic community.

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