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Upper Saddle River District and Curriculum

Upper Saddle River School District’s curriculum-related Core Values include developing creativity, a lifelong love of learning, the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and an understanding of the connections between different subject matter. With regards to the last Core Value listed previously, teachers and administrators have worked to create interdisciplinary curricular units. Other areas that have been focused on are technology, science modules, writing, and world languages. The range of course offerings allows students to look at aspects of their careers, or education, after graduation in different ways.

We currently cover the following Upper Saddle River-area school district: Upper Saddle River School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Upper Saddle River District Curriculum

The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards place a heavy emphasis on the development of strong literacy and mathematical fluency during the elementary years so that students are prepared to tackle more advanced and complex work during middle and high school. The Language Arts curriculum is introducing more non-fiction so that students become adept at reading for information and evaluating the bias and effectiveness of the texts they read. They also learn how to locate high quality resources.

It has also been a high priority of the district for there to be a clear articulation of the curriculum so that the students from the three districts that ultimately send their students to Northern Highlands Regional High are all on the same page in their academic development. The district seeks to engage students in active, meaningful learning that is hands-on and requires them to think about and reflect upon their learning. This is evident through programs such as inquiry-based science and problem-based mathematics,

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Keeping Informed: Recent Upper Saddle River Educational News

  • Highland Voices Star on Lifetime Reality Show - Northern Highlands Regional High’s a capella choir group, the Highland Voices, is currently starring on the Lifetime eight-part television series Pitch Slapped in which it goes head-to-head with another area group, Stay Tuned, in a quest to see who has the better a capella group. In the series, Highland Voices is coached by esteemed vocalist and performance coach Diana Preisler, who, in a statement, said it was a “privilege” to work with a group with so much “heart and soul.”
  • Well-Known Author Mixes It Up in Cavallini Language Arts Classes - Acclaimed author Christopher Healy, who wrote the “Hero’s Guide” trilogy, took over Cavallini Middle School’s eighth grade language arts classes for three days to teach students how to remix and retell well-known stories during a lesson on “fractured fairy tales”—something Healy began doing as a child when he noticed bothersome plot holes in popular tales. The students became instantly inspired and let their imaginations run wild as they quickly wrote their own fractured fairy tales.
  • Cavallini Student Helps Others Through “Kids Who Care” Program - A Cavallini Middle School student helped children in her community as a part of the Temple Emanuel’s “Kids Who Care” program. The program helps instill in young people a “lifelong commitment to bringing justice into the world” by helping others before they celebrate their Bat/Bar Mitzvahs. For her service project, the student chose to dedicate over 20 hours of service to a local library, where she headed a booth for kids during a harvest festival, and passed out supplies to young children participating in a book club.

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Chalk Talk: The Changing Standards

In the past few years, there have been significant changes in the academic standards that are incorporated in schools in the U.S. Standards describe exactly the content and skills students are expected to understand and acquire in each content area level by the end of each grade level. Up until the last few years, each state has is own set of academic standards that were applied in the classroom. However, it was determined that not enough students were demonstrating the readiness that was necessary when they moved on to college and their careers, so the Common Core Standards were born. This is a national set of standards that is more rigorous, as it requires more critical thinking, writing, and exploratory learning.