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Upper Sandusky, Ohio Tutoring Programs

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Upper Sandusky District and Curriculum

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools includes three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, each of which offer students in the village a safe and engaging place to learn and grow. The district is committed to educational excellence for students of all ages and ability levels. Unique programs of learning at all levels keep students engaged in learning and pique students’ interests about the world in which they live. Classroom and field-based learning bring the real world into the learning space, so students are easily able to apply what they learn to actual situations. There is an emphasis on college and career readiness in Upper Sandusky.

We currently cover the following Upper Sandusky-area school district: Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Upper Sandusky District Curriculum

Elementary aged students in Upper Sandusky are presented with a number of concepts as part of their mathematical studies. Students explore algebraic thinking, including how to analyze patterns and relationships between numbers and writing and interpreting numerical expressions. The beginnings of geometry are introduced, such as graphic points on a coordinate plane and classifying two-dimensional figures into categories. Students also learn the essentials of measurement and data. Learners convert measurement units and work with volume, surface area, and perimeter.

Upper Sandusky’s high school curriculum includes the performing and visual arts. As part of these studies, students are able to participate in the dramatic and theatre arts. This curriculum is designed to help students combine artistic skills to invent, imagine, create, and perform theatrical works. Students explore a variety of genres, from comedies to tragedies. Learners examine how actors, directors, and other role players change their approach to the performance depending on the type of play that is involved.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Upper Sandusky Educational News

  • Bring Your Own Device Policy Adopted by District - Upper Sandusky 6-12 students are encouraged to bring their own technological devices to school for learning purposes. The district’s Bring Your Own Device program recommends Google’s Chromebook, but any device will do.
  • National Honor Society Recognizes Student Achievement - Upper Sandusky High School Students that demonstrate a dedication to learning and service, and who have at least a 3.4 GPA may be eligible for nomination to the organization. Invitations to join are sent out each February.
  • High School Broadcasting Program Offered - Students at Upper Sandusky High School are learning about the field of broadcasting. Students in the broadcasting program produce, film, and star in a bi-weekly show. All aspects of production are handled by students making this a great hands-on learning opportunity.

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Chalk Talk: The Value of AP Coursework

Many high schools across the nation offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses as a means to prepare students for collegiate studies. But because AP courses are designed with a college curriculum in mind, in many cases they qualify for college credit so long as students successfully pass the AP exam. By earning college credit in high school, students essentially reduce the cost of their college education. Many students are able to earn at least a semester’s worth of college credit by taking AP classes in high school, and some students leave high school with more than a year’s worth of college credits. This represents significant savings on tuition, fees, and books. Additionally, AP courses are highly attractive to college admissions counselors. The more AP coursework a high school student has completed, the more likely he or she is to get into the college of their choice. Once in college, AP students benefit greatly from having acquired college-level skills while still in high school as well.