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Waite Park District and Curriculum

Students in Waite Park attend classes in the St. Cloud Area School District. The district is comprised of 15 schools and programs that offer educational programming for students in preschool through high school. The district is committed to ensuring the success of each and every student. To achieve this end, St. Cloud Area Schools has adopted a curriculum that challenges students to achieve their highest possible potential. Classroom learning experiences are innovative and provide project learning opportunities, which help students develop an appreciation for and lifelong love of education. There is a focus on developing 21st century skills as well.

We currently cover the following Waite Park-area school district: St. Cloud Area School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Waite Park District Curriculum

Middle school social studies students learn about the expansion of the country to the west and industrial advancements that were made in the 1700s and 1800s. Students describe the various territorial expansions that greatly increased the size of the United States, including the Louisiana Purchase. Learners examine how these territories were explored, and what acquisition of those lands meant for the country’s economic power. New innovations and technologies that helped the economy expand are also analyzed.

In high school, the writing curriculum is emphasized across the curriculum. Students are expected to write analytically and be able to recognize and become able to write for different purposes. Students develop the ability to incorporate evidence into their observations, such that they can demonstrate an understanding of the material under study. They also participate in research in which they must utilize various sources in order to develop a cohesive understanding of a particular topic. They also learn about footnotes and bibliographies so that they can properly cite the materials they use when writing a research paper.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Waite Park Educational News

  • Camp Invention Provides Creative Outlet - Each summer, elementary students from Waite Park can participate in Camp Invention. The two-week program focuses on developing skills related to innovation, creativity, and problem solving to promote inventive ideas. Collaboration is another skill that students develop and benefit from seeing how other students approach and solve problems.
  • Schools Named as Sustaining Exemplar Schools - Four schools in the St. Cloud Area School District have been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education as Sustaining Exemplar Schools for their efforts to improve the school climate through positive interventions. This program gives educators and administrators a chance to provide positive feedback for the good behaviors students do and not just focus on problems with behavior.
  • Students Participate in International Competition - A number of students from Waite Park recently participated in the International Future Problem Solving Conference. Students took part in competitions that focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills. A variety of challenges covering different topics were presented to students so they could work through them in a group setting.

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Chalk Talk: The Growing Debate About Homework

There are increasingly common discussions among educational experts about the value of homework. Many of these experts believe that homework is overrated. There are a number of reasons for this. First, after a full day of school, kids are burned out when they get home, especially if they are involved in clubs, sports, or other activities. They just don’t have the mental energy or willpower to put their full effort into homework. Second, experts cite several studies that show that kids with a heavy load of homework rate their school experience lower than their peers. If homework contributes to a negative view of education, the danger of further burning students out is very real. Lastly, many homework critics decry it as busywork with little value. If students don’t see the benefit of spending time at home working on schoolwork, they are far less likely to do it, let alone do it well.