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Walpole District and Curriculum

Walpole Public Schools consist of seven school and 3,600 students. The district’s mission is to allow every student to excel, with success being defined differently for each individual student. Walpole Public Schools formed a Task Force of teachers and administrators responsible for regularly conducting a major review of each content area of the curriculum. Based on the Task Force’s research, collection, and analysis of data, its members make the necessary revisions to the curriculum involving key concepts, strategies, and assessments.

We currently cover the following Walpole-area school district: Walpole Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Walpole District Curriculum

To ensure that there are multiple perspectives and not too many repetitive opinions, the Task Force is comprised of teachers with backgrounds in various disciplines and grade levels. Once the Task Force develops a new curriculum which has been approved by the School Board, it also implements the professional development needed to ensure that teachers can integrate the revised curricula in their classroom smoothly. The most recent curriculum alterations involve the Reading Street literacy program being incorporated in the elementary grades in conjunction with the new Common Core State Standards.

In addition to the work done by the Task Force, curriculum clusters—organized by content areas—and the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Grants meet on a monthly basis to review, discuss, and make recommendations for the curriculum in each subject. These clusters are comprised of teachers, department chairpersons for grades 6-12, middle school liaisons, and elementary administrators.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Walpole Educational News

  • Walpole Hopes for Students to Retain More Learning with Summer Assignments - Each year during the summer break, Walpole Public Schools require every student to read at least one book, which they will be tested on in some manner once the school year starts, and those in grades 1-8 to complete a written or online math packet of grade-specific skills. The purpose of these summer assignments is to help students retain some of the knowledge they inevitably lose during the three months they have off from school and to foster an enjoyment for reading in the children.
  • The Underdog RoboRebels Persevere - Walpole High’s robotics team, the RoboRebels, finished seventh worldwide in the FIRST Robotics Competition in St. Louis after competing against 100 teams in their division in the earlier rounds. This is quite a feat, but it is all the more impressive considering the RoboRebels struggled at the beginning of the season, only qualifying for the New England championships because a few other teams dropped out. However, the team performed well in that regional championship and hung in there with the top teams in the world in St. Louis, thanks to their Hamster Wheel of Doom that they spent several months planning and constructing.
  • Walpole Students Compete in Local “Iron Chef” - For one day, Walpole High’s cafeteria turned into a Kitchen Stadium, as four teams of students—each headed by a local chef—competed in Walpole’s Iron Chef Juniors. Just like they do on the popular Food Network show, the teams had to cook entrees, side dishes, and desserts containing a secret ingredient—in this case, sweet potatoes—with the twist being that they had to recreate popular school menu items. The winning team, The Raven’s Nest, served mouth-watering turkey stuffed with mozzarella and sweet potatoes, a kale salad with a maple reduction, and sweet potato crepes with maple ice cream and cinnamon whipped cream.

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Chalk Talk: TeacherTube: An Alternative to YouTube

In today’s classrooms, teachers commonly show their classes video clips that enhance the material that students are learning. YouTube-type clips are efficient because they can engage students but are typically brief, so the whole class period isn’t taken up by watching a full-length video. However, some schools block students from using YouTube because, as many great educational videos as it holds, there are several that contain inappropriate content. Sometimes, teachers use the same server as their students, and they will not be able to access all the great YouTube videos they wanted to show to the class from any school computer. They will likely have access to TeacherTube, though. The website it as simple as its title sounds; TeacherTube is essentially YouTube for teachers. Although it contains many, many, many fewer videos than its all-topic counterpart, all of these video clips are education-related. Using TeacherTube is as simple as finding and playing video clips via YouTube. Of course, teachers should still watch clips from TeacherTube before showing them to the class to make sure they are appropriate (though they should be), interesting, and relevant to what they are teaching.