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Warren District and Curriculum

The Warren County School District follows a sequential curriculum that adheres to Pennsylvania Core State Standards. The elementary grades focus upon foundational skills in all academic subjects, and expression and participation in music, the arts, and physical education. By middle school, students are expected to master components of subject area learning as part of their preparation for high school and beyond.

We currently cover the following Warren-area school district: Warren County School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Warren District Curriculum

In Math, the elementary years are dedicated to developing math awareness, basic operational sense and opportunities to manipulate objects representing numbers. Students in middle school math are supposed to extend their computational and operational skills with numbers to variables in algebra. They will learn to solve equations and inequalities with those variables, and apply concepts and rules to more complex problems in mathematics.

In high school, foundations that are developed in middle and high school are continued as preparation for college and career. Students are also required to present a service-learning graduation project. The service-learning project calls for students to participate in hours of volunteer time at a non-profit agency, as well as writing journal entries about what is being learned during their experience. In addition, each student gives a presentation about the agency they work with and its role in the community. It is another way that students can integrate their academic skills with a practical response to the needs around them.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Warren Educational News

  • High School Students Share Books in Fundraiser - Preschoolers were given picture books they can read at an assembly held at one of the Warren County High Schools. This was the high point of a fundraiser where students, faculty, and staff bought books for children as part of Read Across America Day. It also helps the teens stay motivated to read when they see how important the new books are to young children.
  • Mock Trial Team in Final - The Mock Trial Team at Warren Area High School is preparing for another match toward district finals. It is a variation of debate, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Students plan and prepare for trial competitions that combine courtroom drama and acting with skills in communication, working as a team, legal research, and public speaking.
  • Student Art Work Chosen for Special Exhibition - Three artists from Warren County High Schools were chosen to exhibit at a special gallery at one of the local universities. The jury members chose a photo from one student, a charcoal from another, and a pencil drawing from another. Their work was chosen from hundreds of entries.

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Chalk Talk: What Is a Mathematical Expression?

One of the challenging topics in the transition from elementary school math to middle school math is learning to use variables in mathematical sentences such as equations and inequalities. A number within a mathematical expression only represents one value, such as 2, 3, 4, and so on, but a variable can represent many numbers, as long as the expression remains true mathematically. Mathematical sentences with variables make as much sense as the mathematical expressions and facts with numbers that are more familiar in elementary school.