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Wauseon, Ohio Tutoring Programs

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Wauseon District and Curriculum

Wauseon Exempted Village School District is responsible for the education of K-12 students in Wauseon. The district includes a primary school and elementary school, as well as a middle school and high school. The school district is committed to providing an educational environment that is warm, welcoming, and facilitative of intellectual growth for all learners. Students at all grades levels participate in learning activities that promote knowledge acquisition and skills development. There is especially a focus on helping students acquire 21st century skills that will help them transition into college or a career upon high school graduation.

We currently cover the following Wauseon-area school district: Wauseon Exempted Village School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Wauseon District Curriculum

The fine arts program in Wauseon includes the study of theatre and dramatic arts. In middle school, drama students are introduced to a variety of concepts in theatre studies. Learners explore character development and determine how the setting, plot, and theme of a story all contribute to a character coming to life. Students also examine the role of history and culture in shaping how stories are written and how actors portray their characters. There is an introduction to technical topics as well. Students explore various theatre-related jobs, such as building sets and costuming.

The high school physical education curriculum introduces various topics to students. Students learn complex movement patterns necessary for participation in physical activities such as team and individual sports. Learners take part in a variety of athletic activities that include weight lifting, yoga, and kickboxing, as well as lifetime activities like tennis, volleyball, and softball. Strategies and tactics for successfully winning games are introduced as well, with students required to demonstrate an ability to score, pass, and defend while participating in sports like soccer, racquetball, and baseball.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Wauseon Educational News

  • Student Wins Speech and Debate Tournament - A Wauseon student recently won the state speech and debate tournament in the International Extemporaneous Speaking Category. This category requires students to take on a topic and speak about it using a variety of rationales that they are able to come up with at the time.
  • College Credit Plan Unveiled For Middle and High School - Students in Wauseon can now participate in Ohio’s College Credit Plus Program. The program allows middle school students to earn high school credit, and high school students to earn college credit. This program has a big impact on college-bound students and provides a significant step up during a student's freshman year.
  • Student Computers to Be Replaced - Chromebook laptops issued to students this year have been replaced by HP. The replacement computers were necessary after many student Chromebooks were found to have defective equipment. The district is committed to providing students with high quality access to technology and learning.

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Chalk Talk: Math Skills Critical for Success

Math is not every student’s favorite subject. However, that doesn’t mean that kids don’t need to acquire knowledge and skills with regard to mathematics. After all, math is an important aspect of many day-to-day activities. In order to use one’s time wisely, students must be able to make estimations and time-based calculations. Dieting is also impacted by math because students must be able to calculate calories and determine the percentage of daily value they get each day of particular vitamins and nutrients. Tipping is another critical skill children must be comfortable performing, as is creating a monthly budget and sticking to it. Financial decisions can also be greatly influenced by a person’s math skills. Students need to learn how to calculate interest to determine the real cost of a large purchase. Even thinking about one’s career requires knowledge of math. Learners must be able to foresee long-term consequences of their career decisions, by determining how much money they make per hour or per year, and understanding the value of benefits such as retirement and insurance.