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Westborough District and Curriculum

Westborough Public Schools’ K-6 literacy program is built on the following principles: reading to, with, and by students using various instructional methods for reading; incorporating a balance of high-quality literature and informational texts; increasing the complexity of the texts that are used; teaching for understanding and to engage students in reading; fostering a love and curiosity for reading; giving students the opportunity to learn and think collaboratively; supporting students in reading the texts that they choose; exposing students to authentic and relevant topics and experiences.

We currently cover the following Westborough-area school district: Westborough Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Westborough District Curriculum

In math, the Common Core State Standards allow students from the earliest grades to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. The curriculum is “a mile wide and an inch deep,” meaning that teachers have more time to focus on core concepts and procedures in order to teach them in great depth. The main goal is to establish a balance between students knowing how to do problems (i.e.: memorizing facts and procedures) and truly understanding the skills and concepts that they learned and used.

Essentially, Westborough Public Schools continues to recognize the importance of basic mathematic facts in automaticity, but also believes that students need to understand, not just memorize, these facts; therefore, both automaticity and understanding ideally occur. Westborough Schools has created a parent-friendly chart that lists the end-of-year expectations for students in grades 1-6 with regards to learning their math facts, along with the coordinating Common Core Standards.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Westborough Educational News

  • History Teacher Gains New Perspective on Teaching the Holocaust - A 19-year history teacher at Westborough recently joined teachers from 44 states and several countries in attending a three-day intense course at Washington, D.C.’s U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on how to teach students of various age groups about the Holocaust.
  • New Superintendent Ready - Westborough’s new superintendent Amber Bock—also a resident of the community—has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the community, administrators, and teachers—50 of whom are new to the district due to a high number of retirements. The School Committee had voted unanimously in favor of Bock’s hiring, largely due to the focus she placed on the kids during her interviews.
  • Westborough Primed to Improve Technology - Westborough Public Schools’ new Director of Technology said, that in the upcoming year, the schools’ technology will continue to increase and improve. Students in the district already have access to computers, tablets, SMART Boards, software programs, and more. Additionally, the district is penning a five-year plain focusing on maintenance and upgrading.

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Chalk Talk: Common Core Standards: Reading the Math Standards

The Common Core Standards for Mathematics begin by explaining and justifying the shifts in math instruction that are necessitated by these standards. Common Core narrows in on fewer mathematical concepts than before, but these concepts are explored in much greater depth; this curricular method is used in several top-performing countries in math. Students are now also called on to truly understand and justify why they solved math problems the way they did. Next, the Standards for Mathematical Practice are explained; these are student practices in engaging with the math content and are embedded with the content standards.