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Westminster District and Curriculum

The curriculum used in Westminster is the standards-based framework of The Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Math and the other subject areas use similarly fashioned Content Standards. The goal of the curriculum is to provide a clear picture of the expectations for teaching and learning that allows for a precise measurement of achievement in learning and instruction.

We currently cover the following Westminster-area school district: Garden Grove Unified School District, Huntington Beach Union High School District, Ocean View School District, Westminster School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Westminster District Curriculum

In the subject of Math, students develop skills in computation, data analysis using diverse informations sets, functions and operations, proportional relationships and other skills that provide the basis for quantitative and abstract reasoning. Science lays a foundation of knowledge in the area of Biology and Life Science, Chemistry, topics in Physics, and Earth and Environment. Students are also taught the process for developing theories and the processes for inquiry into them.

Language Arts is designed to give students the foundational skills to communicate all this knowledge, and introduces to the literary arts. Grammar, usage and vocabulary development skills are taught and students are expected to use proper English in written work. Writing is essential and the development of processes to communicate thoughts clearly are worked on each year. Teachers have a range of options in how to approach these strategies in daily lessons, the goal of the curriculum is to ensure that students are receiving high quality instruction.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Westminster Educational News

  • GlobeWest - GlobeWest Productions offers extremely high quality theatrical productions for students and families in the district. Throughout the year the theater puts on many productions that are suited for all ages and make for a great family event.
  • Tech Competitions - The Technology Department at Westminster High School is helping connect students with academic competitions in this field. These opportunities benefit students who are interested in pursuing a career in technology and have ideas they want to bring to life.
  • Library Programs at BGHS - The library facilities at Bolsa Grande High School offer a wide range of research and media capabilities for students. The opportunity to learn how to use a library is essential prior to starting college, and the resources available to area students provide an excellent introduction to research skills.

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