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Westwood District and Curriculum

Most K-12 students in Westwood, New Jersey attend school in the Westwood Regional School District. There are four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in the district, which has a total enrollment of 2,700 students. High school students can also apply to attend the Bergen County Technical Schools should they desire an education focused on a specific career. The Westwood Regional and Bergen County districts share a common mission to deliver a comprehensive, standards-based education that prepares students to meet the challenges of living and working in modern society.

We currently cover the following Westwood-area school districts: Westwood Regional School District and Bergen County Technical Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Westwood District Curriculum

Two sets of standards guide curriculum development in the Westwood Regional and Bergen County school districts. The Common Core State Standards outline what students should learn and know in math and language arts classes. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards provide similar guidance for seven core subject areas: world languages, technology, visual and performing arts, 21st Century life and careers, health and physical education, science and social studies.

Students at all grade levels take part in the 21st Century life and career curriculum. The media and communication strand gives students insight into the use of media and tools for communication in the modern world. Students identify ways in which technology can be used for communication, and examine the ways in which media can be used in unethical ways. Students analyze the role of digital communications in facilitating cultural, social and political change. Government censorship and regulation is examined, and students identify ways in which these efforts protect citizens from danger when using digital communications devices.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Westwood Educational News

  • Football Team Honored - An honorary luncheon was recently held to recognize the achievements of the Westwood High School Football team for winning the state championship in their division, which was quite an accomplishment in a competitive division.
  • Kindness and Justice Challenge - To honor the memory of Martin Luther King, students at Westwood Junior/Senior High School will participate in the Kindness and Justice Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to teach students about honor, respect and compassion.
  • Teen Center - Students in eighth and ninth grades in Westwood now have a safe place to hang out on Friday nights. Students can play games, enjoy food and socialize with friends at the teen center in the Westwood Community Center.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

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