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White Oak, Ohio Tutoring Programs

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White Oak District and Curriculum

Students in the Cincinnati suburb of White Oak attend school in the Northwest Local School District. The mission of the district is to empower students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life. To accomplish this goal, the district has devised unique learning experiences that foster a love of lifelong learning. Whether in the classroom or in the community, students take part in activities that promote inquiry, curiosity, and exploration. The district’s dedicated faculty and staff support students in their academic and extracurricular endeavors, and work closely with parents to provide a strong system of support for all learners.

We currently cover the following White Oak-area school district: Northwest Local School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the White Oak District Curriculum

The English language arts curriculum in White Oak provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills required to be effective readers, writers, and communicators. Since the curriculum is vertically aligned, skills that high school students acquire build upon knowledge they gained in earlier grades. Students in grades eleven and twelve are required to demonstrate the ability to pull key ideas and details out of literary texts. Learners examine themes and analyze their development over the course of a literary work.

Students in White Oak are also able to take part in a visual and performing arts curriculum that includes theatre and dramatic arts. In the middle grades, theatre studies involve comparing and contrasting styles of theatre, including comedy, tragedy, and drama. Students analyze theatrical works, including the conflicts and emotions characters in a dramatic piece commonly face. Drama students are also tasked with developing and performing their own scripted or improvised scenes.

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Keeping Informed: Recent White Oak Educational News

  • Quality Profile Gives Insight Into District - The Northwest Local School District has released its Quality Profile, which provides parents and community members information regarding the district’s approach to quality education. The profile is meant to supplement performance data provided by the State School District Report Card.
  • District News Now Available on Cable and Online - Students and parents can now view the program “This is Northwest – Your Local School District” on cable and online. The news program highlights recent happenings in the district.
  • New Faces Join Northwest Local Schools - Two new administrators have joined the Northwest Local School District. Dr. Kristilynn Turney is the new principal at Colerain High School, and Mr. Mike Holbrook is the new assistant director of curriculum and intervention services.

White Oak Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

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