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Wildomar District and Curriculum

The curriculum described in the California Content Standards is an extensive framework for teaching and learning which is conducted in the Lake Elsinore District. The curriculum is developed subject-by-subject and explains the objectives and goals for instruction each year from K-12. The curriculum describes generally what students will be expected to be able to do, and provides details for the series of skills and knowledge that teachers need to cover in their instruction.

In Language Arts, there are four major strands that are intended to contribute to students literacy and communication skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Much of this is centered around texts, although students read both fiction and non-fiction. Listening and speaking grows out of the classroom and small group discussions that students have in these classes. Writing is a significant part of instruction and students are expected to develop strong writing skills which they can use in their other subjects.

We currently cover the following Wildomar-area school district: Lake Elsinore Unified School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Wildomar District Curriculum

Math has been designed so that students gain a broad based understanding of problem-solving strategies, and then take classes that deepen their understanding of areas like geometry, algebra, trigonometry, or statistics. A major goal of student’s math education is that they are able to face a math problem and determine a way to solve it, precisely. Students will be faced with these sorts of challenges on the standardized assessments like the SAT’s and ACT’s that they take.

History, Social Studies, and Science are all laid out in such a way that students are able to examine and research concepts and principles within each subject. Technology has become a focus of the curriculum, it is used to support learning in the classroom, but students are also offered the opportunity to study technology as an academic subject. One of the major aims of the curriculum is to prepare students for the world ahead, and so with the increase of technology in our lives, so too is there an increase in teaching about the subject.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Wildomar Educational News

  • Wildomar Community Council - As a newly incorporated city, Wildomar has developed an organization designed to help along the process of creating civic organizations within the city. For residents interested in starting a community group, an artistic endeavor, or an outreach service, the Wildomar Community Council is able to facilitate the process of starting up. This resource can also be invaluable to students in the Lake Elsinore District who are interested in creating a lasting organization or event within their new city.
  • California Career Center - The California Career Center is a new resource for all members of the community who are thinking about career possibilities. The CCC offers a website that has tools for mapping a plan towards a successful career for students in both middle and high school. For adults, there are resources to help plan for a transition to a new career and directions to help adults find courses that will enhance their workforce skills. Other considerations, such as financial planning, are also areas for research provided for by this resource.
  • Scholarship Bulletin - The guidance professionals at Elsinore High School are keeping an updated list of scholarships available to all students. These scholarships cover a diverse set of student interests, talents, and potential. Some scholarships are available to students interested in studying a specific field like the health sciences, others are to support under-represented populations, and some are designed for students who show initiative and promise. The bulletin is updated regularly and offers many useful resources.

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