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Worcester District and Curriculum

Worcester Public Schools is in the process of renewing the curriculum to align with Massachusetts and Common Core Standards. There is a five phase renewal process that requires input from all education stakeholders. Stakeholders in this process include students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members. Worcester Public Schools is dedicated to promoting high academic achievement for all students. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum that includes core studies in math, science, social studies, and English, as well as a full compliment of elective courses.

We currently cover the following Worcester-area school district: Worcester Public Schools.

Schools in Worcester include:

West Tatnuck School is located on 300 Mower St, Worcester, MA 01602, West Tatnuck School covers grades PreK-6 and can be contacted at 508-799-3596. West Tatnuck School had an enrollment of about 371 students in the 2018-2019 school year. The school offers extracurricular activities such as an afterschool program, a drama club, chess club and math team. The school also has partnerships with the Boston Museum of Science and the EcoTarium. Like other schools in Massachusetts, students at West Tatnuck School follow a curriculum that contains the standards described in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. These frameworks describe the knowledge and skills students should have in different subjects at each grade level. For example, in grade 5 English Language Arts, students should know how to quote or paraphrase a piece of text in order to use it as supporting evidence for one of their ideas. Students also read novels and learn how to determine the theme of the story. They also work on comparing and contrasting characters. Reading and writing are important skills for students to have. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with reading and writing, please contact us.

Forest Grove Middle School is located on 495 Grove St, Worcester, MA 01605, Forest Grove Middle School covers grades 7-8 and can be contacted at 508-799-3420.  Forest Grove Middle School offers a variety of programs to its students. Special academic programs include a jazz band, robotics, and various arts programs such as dance, drama, music, and visual arts. The school is involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teaching, and even offers a STEM Club. According to the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework, students in grade 8 science learn about earth and space sciences, life science, physical science, and technology/engineering. In physical science, students learn about matter and its interactions. They also learn about motion and stability and Newton’ laws with how they relate to forces. In life science, they learn about the structures and processes of organisms and molecules, with a focus on genetics. Students also learn about heredity and how traits are inherited and vary across generations due to random mutations. For more information on how SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child with science tutoring, please contact us.

Worcester Technical High School is located on 1 Skyline Dr, Worcester, MA 01605, Worcester Technical High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 508-799-1940.  Worcester Technical High School offers the opportunity for students to earn a technical certification while working towards their high school diploma. The school also offers advanced academic courses such as their Advanced Placement (AP) program. The AP program allows for students to take college level courses during high schools. At the end of the course, students then take an exam to test what they’ve learned in class. Depending on the exam score, it can then be used for college credit. AP courses can be more difficult, but it can allow for students wishing to go to college or university after high school to be better prepared for the academic challenge of post secondary. It can also increase eligibility for scholarships and looks more attractive on a college application. Students wishing to go to college or university after high school also often take SATs or ACTs. These are standardized tests, and so preparing for them is important. For more information on how the SAT and ACT tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Worcester District Curriculum

The five phase curriculum renewal process is a sequential process that leads to curriculum enhancement in all subject areas. Phase 1 is the definition of standards, student needs and curriculum scope and sequence. Phase 2 is instructional evaluation and alignment of research-based tools, materials, technology and professional development. Phase 3&4 is the implementation of the pilot curriculum and collection of data. Phase 5 is the development of policies to ensure equity and the alignment of professional development.

A rubric is developed and redefined in the Phase 1&2 to guide curriculum construction. Throughout the curriculum renewal process the professional development of educators is considered. Students are included in every phase because each phase effects their academic progression and assessment. Allowing students to have input in the curriculum alignment makes transition and implementation of the new curriculum more efficient and effective.

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Massachusetts Tutors

My patience is one of my best qualities, and if a student doesn’t understand something the first time then I need to find another way to explain the concepts.
After every session, I find it best to ask the student to teach me the material. I believe if the student can explain the material in their own way then they truly understand the material. I believe that it is also best for the student to be working with someone patient. Throughout my tutoring experiences, working with ages 10-60, I have found that there is no one way to tutor/teach.
I begin with basic study and reading comprehension skills and apply it to upper level subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Worcester Educational News

  • CultureLEAP - CultureLEAP (Learning through Education and Arts Partnerships) is developed to partner community cultural organizations with school programs. The district curriculum is more relevant and engaging for learners through CultureLEAP. Organizations are paired with schools based on curriculum and grade level expectations. Previously, a grant was awarded to CultureLEAP to provide additional funding to expand the program within the Worcester Public School system.
  • Music/MathLEAP - A program designed specifically for 6th graders links math and music. This program is funded by Target and the Ernie Boch Jr’s Music Drives Us Foundation. Local program partners are Music Worcester’s Music Guild, Joy of Music Program and Mechanics Hall. Math and music concepts are incorporated in the classroom. This program allows hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Worcester Family Partnership - A grant funded partners allows Worcester parents to receive support for children from birth to school age. Services provided through the partnership are monthly scheduled family activities, workshops, and family literacy opportunities. The Worcester Family Partnership is designed to meet the needs of children and parents to provide for a productive future. The partnership also recognize parent as the initial important partners in education.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Worcester, Massachusetts

The city of Worcester is located in Worcester County, Massachusetts. The city was named after Worcester, England. Worcester is nicknamed the “Heart of the Commonwealth” due to its location in central Massachusetts between Springfield and Boston. Coming from this nickname, a heart, is the official symbol of the city. Worcester was once a large manufacturing center, specializing in machinery, wire production, and power looms. Today, the economy has diversified, with healthcare and education taking up a large share. Being home to several institutes of higher education, including Worcester State University, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Clark University, the Worcester area is one of the emerging hubs for technology startups in the United States.

Even though Worcester is a moderately sized city, there are a wide variety of things to do in the city. Art lovers can view works by Monet, Gauguin and Degas at the Worcester Art Museum. Fans of architecture can walk through the city and enjoy many examples of Victorian-era mill architecture. A number of music festivals are also held annually in the city, including the Worcester Music Festival and the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

In 2017, the population of Worcester was 185,677, making it the second most populated city in the state. 20.3% of the population was under 18, 31.1% of the population was between 18-34, 24.7% was 35-54, 11.3% was 55-64 and 12.7% was over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $45,599 in 2017.

Worcester Art Museum

The Worcester Art Museum houses a collection of more than 35,000 works of art from many different periods of history. These works of art include renowned pieces of European and American art, and 3500 Japanese prints. The Worcester Art Museum is also houses the second-largest collection of arms and armor in the Americas. The museum was originally established in 1898 by Stephen Salisbury III. In 1921, the museum became the first museum in the world to purchase a painting by Gauguin, and previously in 1910, was the first to purchase a Monet painting of waterlilies. Works by notable artists housed at the museum include van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, and Renoir. The mission of the museum is to “connect people, communities, and cultures through the experience of art”. Today, Worcester Art Museum holds special exhibitions and events, art classes, and workshops.


The EcoTarium is a science and nature museum in Worcester. Before being renamed to the EcoTarium, the museum was called the New England Science Center. The museum is focused on natural science and hands-on exploration. Visitors to the museum can enjoy interactive exhibits to learn about science, including a hurricane simulator at the “The Arctic Next Door: Mount Washington” exhibit allows visitors to experience some of wildest weather in New England. At the Nature Explore Outdoor Exhibit, visitors can build, dig, climb and more, all in an outdoor environment. The museum also has a digital planetarium where visitors can take a close up look at the stars. In addition to these the permanent exhibits, the museum has a variety of temporary exhibits.

Mechanics Hall

Mechanics Hall is a concert and performing arts venue in Worcester. It is ranked in the top four concert halls in North America and in the top twelve in Europe and America combined. Mechanics Hall also contains a recording studio. The building was originally built in 1855 and later renovated in 1977. In 1857, the building was used by the Mechanics Association to help its members develop manufacturing skills. After its renovation, it was made into a concert and performing arts hall. The hall is in the style of Renaissance Revival, with impressive high ceilings and elegant architecture. Notable people who have presented at the hall include Charles Dickens, Ella Fitzgerald, and Yo Yo Ma.

Interesting Facts

  • The city receives an average of about 68 inches of snow per year.
  • In 1963, Harvey Ball designed the world famous smiley face in Worcester.
  • Worcester is sister cities to Worcester (United Kingdom), Afula (Israel), Piraeus (Greece), and Pushkin (Russia).
  • The city contains 1200 acres of publicly owned property.
  • In 1914, Dr. Robert H. Goddard of Clark University in Worcester patented the first liquid fuel rocket.

Chalk Talk: The Importance of Parental Involvement

Parents spend formative years with their children and have insight that would be helpful in teaching the student. The community – school gap that exist between parents and educators may be one crucial component to closing the learning gap. Parents, community leaders and educators form the learning community. All members of the community must communicate and work together to create productive citizens. The first schools in American were based on parent involvement and viewed parents as the primary and only source of education. The shift toward public education resulted in less parent involvement. To increase parent involvement parents are encouraged to: ask questions to clarify information, identify and share the needs and strengths of their children, and become actively involved in the learning process.