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Yukon District and Curriculum

Yukon Public Schools has a foundational belief of “Excellence in Education.” The traditional core subject areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics are taught by the instructors of this school system, as well as the other standards of learning of the history and social studies courses, the sciences, and the many elective courses that are offered to meet the needs of all learners.

We currently cover the following Yukon-area school district: Yukon Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Yukon District Curriculum

In Mathematics, the middle school standards include discovering algebraic concepts. The learners will expand their knowledge of algebra by solving for a given variable and writing algebraic equations to match up to particular situations. Solving one-step equations and analyzing the answers to make sense in the “real world” is also accomplished by the mathematics students. Using substitution in solving for a variable will be taught in order to evaluate and simplify algebra problems.

In English Language Arts, standards set forth by the Oklahoma State Department of Education are those which include the reading and comprehension of fiction, and being able to recognize a variety of story elements. Story elements, such as plot, setting, main idea, theme, cause and effect, figurative language, and character traits are instructed to the students in grades K-12. The students are taught to be aware while they are reading of the many story elements that the author is using to make the fiction story more enjoyable for the reader.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Yukon Educational News

  • Free Breakfast for Testers! - McDonald’s is in support of Oklahoma State Testing! At participating locations, the restaurant provided a free breakfast to students in grades third through eighth. The McDonald’s locations that participated helped give the students a jump start on those important tests.
  • Teacher of the Year - Shannon Dutton has been awarded Yukon Public School’s Teacher of the Year! She was nominated by her coworkers for her hard work and dedication to her students. She is employed at Myers Elementary and teaches Kindergarten. What a great honor to be chosen as the district’s Teacher of the Year.
  • Mentoring News - Yukon Public Schools are seeking male mentors to be positive male role models for the students. To come in and help for a few hours a week means a lot to the students who need more positive attention in their lives. The role of the mentor is to work with individual students, to be positive towards the students, as well as supportive, and to be sensitive to the needs of the students. Yukon Public Schools welcomes those who wish to participate in their mentoring program to call the school board office or visit the school of your choice!

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Chalk Talk: The Role of the High School History Teacher

The High School History Teacher has the responsibility of not only teaching history to the students, but to encourage the high school students to generate their own views and opinions about the history of past events and today’s events as well. The students not only do a lot of research on what happened in the history of our country and other countries, but also what led up to the happenings of the past. The history instructor opens the minds of the students and allows them to use their knowledge to form their political, social, and cultural beliefs. .