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Alex D

Math, Science, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Bachelor’s Degree In Science, majoring in physics and mathematics

About Me



I feel schooling, but in particular the more general idea of education, to be vastly important to one’s future. Not only does education determine a student’s financial future, but it also determines the happiness of the person. Finding something that you are interested in is the primary goal in life. Secondly, finding a topic that you can learn about in depth, and then apply in the workplace, will allow you to become successful. Combine these two fundamental ideas, and we achieve happiness.


I went to school at the University of Waterloo achieving a Bachelor’s Degree In Science, majoring in physics and mathematics. I feel this period of my life provided me with the knowledge required to teach the subjects I’m qualified for. In addition to teaching me valuable lessons regarding the appropriate study habits for each field, I have also performed well on the SAT and understand how I can better your chances at getting into the college of your dreams.


For several years, I’ve been helping students develop better methods of learning in addition to helping them with their studies in specific subjects. I’ve helped students with math, physics and its application subjects (Earth and Space Science) as well as preparing students for what they will face on the College Acceptance Tests (ACT/SAT). I’ve found many students learn best when you relate the subject that they are having trouble in to something that they find interesting in their personal lives or in other subjects that they excel in.


I enjoy playing billiards and darts. I’m also saving up money for the expensive venture called Graduate School.