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Alicia R

Science, English, ACT, SAT Tutor

Troy University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: M.A. Management

About Me



I believe every child has the ability to learn just at different capability levels. Education is a lifelong learning process. I personally take every opportunity to teach although it might not always be in the classroom. An educator is not just a job; a pupil is more than just a vessel, but our future.


I have two degrees and countless certifications through the military. My bachelor’s degree in elementary education obtained from Troy University. I also have a master’s degree in management.

These certifications include becoming a substance abuse expert as well as a sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention leader.


I taught in a Georgia pre-kindergarten class for eight months. I taught 17 three and four year old kids. I had an autistic child and another child with disabilities included in those 17 children. It was a rewarding experience. I was their first teacher and yet I learned so much from them.


My extracurricular activities include but are not limited to audiobooks, running events, hiking, and spending time with my church family. I listen to audiobooks to and from work. I just ran the Ragnar (a 200 mile run with a 12 man team) in Utah. I have seen the most beautiful views while hiking.