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Amy D

English Tutor

Northern Arizona University

Majors: English

Other Certificates: MA: Rhetoric and Composition

About Me



Everyone has the right to receive a great education. The role of the teacher is to expose and encourage students to seek out as many educational opportunities as possible. Students learn best when they have to interact with the material. This includes responding, analyzing, and teaching what they have learned. We owe our students the best we can give them.


I have received a master’s in Rhetoric and Composition with an emphasis in technical writing from Northern Arizona University. Before that, I received a Bachelor’s degree in English from the same school.


I have taught composition, literature and reading for more than 20 years, and currently am an assistant professor at a small college in Upstate New York. My current projects include Instructional Design and Quality Matters certifications.


When I am not working, I am in the kitchen teaching my daughter to cook. We have a “Learn a New Recipe a Week” program going on. We also hit the tennis courts as much as possible. Reading is something else I love to do.