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Andrew S

English Tutor

Concordia University Wisconsin

Majors: English

Minors: Philosophy

Other Certificates: M.A., in Rhetoric and Composition

About Me



I like to alternate between minimalist and directive tutoring depending on the student need throughout a tutoring session to help with, for example, the learner/personality they are or the material currently being covered. In addition, I like to know the student’s strengths. This can result in a more sincere empathetic encouragement or push for the student to achieve more based on what they have shown in the tutoring session or in other work.

Furthermore, I believe that the application of knowledge is the more profound approach to learning. So, through questions, activities, and other means of direct student engagement, I encourage students to think about and comprehend the purpose of their writing, reading, or other material with critical and empathetic thought for a more lasting, unique, and valuable impact on the student.


I have developed updated pedagogical strategies through my Masters Coursework and have classroom related experience through my adjunct instructor and writing center experiences. Experience as a writing tutor and writing center consultant has prepared me for working one on one with students. Also, experience in the classroom and writing labs has honed my ability to assess student papers and specific student situations. Writing center experience has also provided me with the opportunity to consider numerous paper rubrics and pedagogical styles so that tutoring students is informed by many different approaches to writing. Furthermore, experience in the classroom and writing lab has given invaluable experience and opportunities to continuously improve the quality of feedback given to students over multiple drafts.


My teaching and tutoring experience includes working currently as an English Composition Adjunct Instructor for 8 semesters and teaching my 9th, a writing center tutor for three different universities for a total of 9 semesters, an online writing lab tutor for 5 semesters, and an ESL English tutor for 3 semesters with additional ESL classroom and tutoring experience during my one year at Kitebridge.


I love to learn which is why I love to teach. Some of my favorite things to learn about are other cultures, namely Chinese culture, current events (I always listen to NPR when commuting), History (I’m fond of the American Civil War in particular), and writing poetry (I love the ever-evolving challenge of it).
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