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Angela B

English, Social Studies, History, Homework Help Tutor

Mount St. Vincent University

Majors: English, Social Anthropology

Other Certificates: B.A.: Education; Teaching Certification: Nova Scotia

About Me



I believe that every student is exceptional and inquisitive in nature; As a teacher, I hope to foster that spirit in my classroom.
Each student is an individual and deserves to have an education tailored to his or her strengths and needs; I am determined to allow students to become responsible members of the classroom community by encouraging their participation and involvement in class activities. Engaging students in educational and meaningful tasks is the first step in effectively managing a classroom; I try to connect the curriculum content to students’ lives in order to make the material more relevant and relatable.

Inspiration and encouragement can be powerful; As an English teacher I aim to communicate my passion and enthusiasm through my teaching. A Teacher is always a student; I want my classroom to be fresh and exciting and a welcoming learning environment where students are not afraid to take risks and test out new ideas.


I graduated from Dalhousie University in 2012, with a Bachelor of Arts that included a double major in English and Social Anthropology. I spent my first year of university in the engineering program because I have always loved technology and had dreams of teaching a multimedia high school class.

After my first year I discovered I had another passion in English and changed majors to become an English Teacher. I graduated from Mount Saint Vincent in 2014 with a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education. My two teachables are: English and Social Studies.


I had three successful practicum experiences at Caledonia Junior High, Cole Harbour District High School and IWK Health Centre. I taught grade 7 English and Social Studies and grade 10 DP, 11AC, and 12AC English. At the IWK Health Centre I worked with youth struggling with social anxieties and disabilities.

In preparing my lessons my goal is to create unique engaging lessons that reached the needs of all my students though differentiation. I agree with the teaching philosophy that learning should be an individualized approach where teachers act as guides and facilitators to the learning.


I have always been interested in leadership: at Dalhousie I volunteered to lead orientation and enjoyed the program and experience. I participated in student council all my life and while I was on practicum took the opportunity to look into both schools council meetings. I was a member of the GSA group at Caledonia Junior High in my first year practicum placement; it is amazing to be a part of a group that encourages young people to step outside their comfort zone and embrace their individual identity.

I am a huge fan of science fiction TV, and I showed that enthusiasm to my students and together we founded the Doctor Who club in 2013. I also volunteered to supervise different dances and school trip outings during my three placements.