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Anju K

English, Elementary Education, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Ontario College of Teachers

Majors: English; Social Studies

About Me



Through creating a democratic classroom, I will encourage my students to become active participants in their education and in their society. This education will focus on student-centered learning, exploratory talk, and the development of wonderful ideas. My work is about my students.

My greatest joys as an aspiring educator have come from the moments I have been able to make a difference for my students.


I received my teaching certification through the Ontario College of Teachers and am a certified teacher in the province of Ontario.


I am Certified Ontario College of Teachers since 2013. My teaching experience was full of classroom and real life learning experiences. I love my students, and I find that my previous experience would be great asset teaching multicultural community in Canada. I love my students and I look forward to spending my working life continuing my career in education.


At the school I worked at previously had plenty of extracurricular activities . That included craft club, baking club, sports club, art club and dance club. I was involved in teaching craft club and baking club. I enjoyed helping students express their creativity through baking using various baking techniques. In craft club I helped students learned the different types of embroidery designs that helped them embellish their unique creations .I also enjoy golf,a cup of green tea, listening music , cooking , going out for a walk.
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