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Ann L

English, Elementary Education, Special Education, Homework Help Tutor

Hiram College

Majors: Elementary Education

Minors: Special Education & Psychology

Other Certificates: MA: Education

About Me



I have chosen a career in education because I wanted to work with children in a way that would “make a difference”, not only in their lives, but society as a whole. I believe in a philosophy where students are active participants in the classroom, thus encouraging them to take responsibility for their own educational journey and promote lifelong learning. Students should also be involved in discussions that require problem solving and critical thinking.

I believe the best way to measure the effectiveness of teaching strategies is an assessment process that includes assessments “for learning” in the classroom along with the use of standardized testing, which is an assessment “of learning”. It is always important to understand and diagnose where your students are having difficulty so the teacher can prepare differentiated learning models responding to students’ individual needs.


I received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio. Following that, I received an Elementary & Special Education Ohio Certification in Elementary, Learning Disabilities/Behavior Disorders (K-12)and Reading (K-12). Later I went back to school in the UK, receiving my Master of Arts from the University of Roehampton, London, UK Awarded UK QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)


I have taught for over 11 years, including time spent teaching children with learning disabilities and reading difficulties at all grade levels. In addition, I have spent over 3 years teaching students at elementary schools.


I am interested in all education programs for the arts, especially programs where the arts are used as therapy with special needs children. I am also interested in all arts programs that are funded and emphasized within inner-city schools for high-risk children. All children, especially vulnerable children respond very well to these programs and the arts not only provide a way for these children to express themselves, but they have proven very effective for building confidence and self-esteem.