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Annette L

Math Tutor

Grace College

Majors: Mathematics Education

Other Certificates: Masters of Education in Human Development

About Me



All students must strive for their personal best. In order for this to happen, they must have a learning environment that is uniquely tailored to their needs. It is the job of an educator to mold the educational experience to the child, not to force the child into their own educational model. At the same time, every child has their own unique set of skills and knowledge only they can bring. It is the teacher’s job to harness that knowledge as a foundation for future learning.


I received a degree from Grace College in Mathematics Education. After college, I worked to continue my education through various courses before returning for my masters degree, which was in Human Development from the University of Maryland.


In high school, I was a teacher aid and tutor. In college, I also tutored while working to achieve my degree. I have a cumulative teaching experience of 11.5 years in two different school systems. I have taught both advanced and under-achieving students. I have taught computer based math classes as well as interactive classes.


I enjoy many other activities outside the classroom. The ones I enjoy most involve spending time with my young daughter and husband. For fun, I solve number and logic puzzles. I also like helping people in my community.