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Aurora B

Science Tutor

Northern Arizona University

Majors: General Biology

Minors: Chemistry

About Me



I believe that there is no one way to learn something. There are three main ways that people learn, visual auditory, and kinesthetic. It is my philosophy that when working with a group of students that it is best to use a combination of these techniques, and when working with an individual I try to figure out which technique or combination works for them. If one way does not work there is always another angle to come at it.


I graduated from Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy in 2013 with high honors. I am currently attending Northern Arizona University, and am part of the honors college. My major is in general biology. I plan to continue on to get my Master’s Degree in Marine Biology.


I have experience as a teaching assistant for undergraduate students and tutoring students one-on-one.


My extracurricular activities include several different styles of dance. Mostly ballet, though I also do modern, Irish step dancing, Mexican folk dancing, ballroom, Latin, swing, and many others. I am also part of the Society for Creative Anachronism and I am the president of the NAU chapter.
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