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Brian S

Math Tutor

Bowling Green State University

Majors: B.Sc; Education (Mathematics and Political Science)

Other Certificates: Master’s in Applied Politics; Master’s in Statistics; Ph.D: Educational Administration with an emphasis on Higher Education

About Me



The learning process should be more dialogic than didactic. Tools, including technology, are important in the learning process, and appropriate use of them is imperative. Group learning is helpful, as it bounces ideas off of multiple students.


My first degree is a Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis in mathematics and political science. I then went on to complete my Master’s of Applied Politics. Then, I received my second Master’s in Science and Statistics. Finally, I went to complete my Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration with emphasis in Higher Education.


I have taught at the junior high and high school levels, but I also have college experience. I have taught junior high math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and preparation for standardized tests at the school level. My college experience includes Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus. College Algebra and Statistics were also my teaching assistant courses.


My extra curricular activities are largely related to religion and spirituality. I have five years of experience in campus ministry at the college level, but I also have been the Troop Chaplain for my boy scout troop for well over eight years.