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Cayla C

English, Languages Tutor

Angelo State University

Majors: English – Political Science & Philosophy

Other Certificates: M.A. Philosophy

About Me



I believe that tutoring is like helping someone solve a puzzle. Editing your own writing is far more difficult than seeing mistakes or awkward phrasing in someone else’s writing. Just like having a new perspective can help solve a puzzle more quickly, a tutor can help with the writing process. Students and I work together to improve the quality of their self-expression without overpowering their own voices.


I have two B.A. degrees: English, Political Science and Philosophy. I am currently pursuing an M.A. in philosophy from the New School for Social Research in New York.


I was a peer tutor at the Writing Center at Angelo State University from 2011-2014. I helped students write research papers, research, develop ideas, write resumes and other writing assignments, and improve grammar. I was a Graduate Assistant in English from 2013-2014, where in addition to working at the Writing Center I also graded papers, observed a course, and led English 1301 class discussions.

I have also tutored Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, and Modern Political Theory as a philosophy tutor from 2010-2012.


While in school, I participated in the Philosophy Club and the Professional Organization for Women’s Equal Rights.
I have gone to several conferences to present papers, both in English and philosophy.

I enjoy reading philosophy and literature, writing, doing puzzles, and learning how to paint and draw. I also play with my dog and cat as much as possible.

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