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Chandra C

English Tutor

Guelph University

Majors: Sociology

Other Certificates: Masters of Teaching; ESL; Special Education

About Me



I provide my students with an environment that is conducive to their learning, where each student feels comfortable, safe, and respected. I want students to have the freedom to share their differences, creativity and to learn and grow. I provide students with the tools to be successful at any goal they are working towards and instill them with a love of learning and the confidence to achieve any task they set their minds to.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph and have completed the Masters of Teaching program at Griffith University. I am registered with the Ontario College of Teachers, certified to teach in the Primary and Junior divisions. In addition, I have successfully completed additional qualifications in Special Education Part 1 and English as a Second Language Part 1, and look forward to completing my Intermediate qualifications this summer.


As a teacher, I have a lot to offer. During my 6 years of teaching at a local College, I have developed my skills in lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment and evaluation. While teaching Grades 1 and 2, I have created various lessons to stimulate student learning. Through my experiences, I have also realized the importance of differentiated instruction, when planning and implementing lessons. I also have international experience that includes teaching Kindergarten to Grade 8 in Australia, Japan, and England.


I have been involved as either a coordinator or committee member in a variety of extracurricular activities such as: Christmas Concert, Junior and Senior Boys Basketball, the Spelling Bee, Public Speaking, Polar Expressions National Writing Competition, Craft Club, and Family Fun Day. These experiences enabled me to work collaboratively with my colleagues.