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Chantel R

English Tutor

Nova Southeastern University

Majors: Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certificate/Master’s Degree

About Me



In a time when the system of education in America is coming under intense scrutiny, it is
important to remember what truly forms the basis of education. The primary focus should be (and always should have been)
the students – what they need, what they know, and how to ensure that students reach their goals. When the individual
needs of students are not taken into account, the central point of education is lost. The
purpose of education is to prepare students to
be productive members of society that are able to survive and prosper on their own in the
world they will face as adults. To attain that goal, educators need to be skilled and effective in self-assessment and self-correction, to ensure that their educational efforts are
truly reaching those they educate.


I currently possess a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English with an Education minor. I have also taken approximately 60 hours of graduate level classes in Curriculum and Instruction


I am currently teaching full time in public schools. I have previously taught grades 7-11.


I enjoy reading books, writing poetry and short stories, crocheting, knitting and doing other yarn crafts. I also assist with my school’s Drama Club presentations. I have also run a creative writing club with a colleague.
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