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Charina P

English Tutor

Eastern Michigan University

Majors: Interdisciplinary Studies

Other Certificates: M.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Minnesota

About Me



The opportunity to lead and inspire educators and young children is an exciting prospect that I feel qualified for and fully able to undertake.

Providing quality, broad-based academic direction and leadership remains one of the core catalysts for success in our schools today.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Interdisciplinary Studies) in 1996 at Eastern Michigan University. I then went on to complete my Master’s Degree in Education at Walden University. I finished this in 2007. I am now a licensed teacher in Minnesota.


In my instructional career, I have demonstrated the ability to develop comprehensive lesson plans for a variety of subjects, and influence student academic success through ELA and Reading components, writer’s workshops, assessments, and student motivation techniques.

In my current and previous teaching positions, I have worked with my colleagues to integrate students with special needs into my classroom. I also have literacy training that has proven beneficial to my students in successfully mastering decoding and comprehension skills. In addition, I also have experience implementing RtI initiatives and strategies in successfully bringing my struggling students up to their current grade level.


I have 14 years of experience in scoring open-ended test items in reading, math, science, and writing for various state education projects, including the MEAP testing for the state of Michigan.
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