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SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Michigan. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Ann Arbor, MI
Rodney S. – Math Tutor – Ann Arbor, MI
Louisiana State UniversityGeneral Studies
“I believe that education is both an art and a science.”

Auburn Hills, MI

Faye C. – Math/English Tutor – Auburn Hills, MI
Charter Oak State CollegeIndividualized Studies
“I have always believed that all students can learn.”

Bay City, MI

Kathy E. – Math/English Tutor – Bay City, MI
Central Michigan UniversityPsychology; Cognitive Development
“Every child deserves to receive the best education possible, regardless of special needs.”
Peter T. – Math/English Tutor – Bay City, MI
University of SheffieldMedieval English Language and Literature
“It’s about rapport, openness, friendliness, empathy, patience and humor.”

Berrien Springs, MI

Donna L. – English Tutor – Berrien Springs, MI
Univerity of the West IndiesInternational Relations
“Every child needs to be challenged to feel some level of achievement for them to continue to grow and develop academically.”

Birch Run, MI

Michigan State UniversityHistory
“I believe that every individual deserves access to a thorough and well-rounded education.”

Byron Center, MI

Kimberly B. – English/ACT Tutor – Byron Center, MI
Iowa State UniversityEnglish and Reading
“It is a personal goal of mine to inspire and motivate all participants associated with the educational field.”

Caledonia, MI

Brianna N. – Math Tutor – Caledonia, MI
Asbury UniversitySecondary Math Education
“My educational philosophy is to ensure that every student experiences mathematical success and enjoyment.”

Canton, MI

Marija M. – English Tutor – Canton, MI
Wayne State UniversityTheatre and Film
“I believe that as a teacher, I should be able to: deliver concisely, be fun, creative, engaging and love what I am doing.”

Cassopolis, MI

Charles A. – Math/English Tutor – Cassopolis, MI
Southwestern Michigan CollegeComputer Science
“Interactive learning is essential!”

Cilo, MI

University of Michigan-FlintEnglish, Spanish
“By providing encouragement and motivation, I believe that all students can succeed.”

Clinton Township, MI

Grand Canyon UniversityElementary Education; Special Education
“Flexibility is a keystone to effective teaching, and is subsequently at the foundation of my teaching philosophy.”

Commerce Township, MI

Wayne State UniversityEducation, Evaluation and Research
“Learning is a continual process and my goal as a teacher is to have my students become inquisitive thinkers and assist them in solving problems on their own.”

Detroit, MI

Bithiah L. – English Tutor – Detroit, MI
University of Michigan English
“Education is the driving force behind success, whether it be in the classroom, in the workplace, or in the development of relationships and personal growth.”

Essexville, MI

Saginaw Valley State UniversityElementary Education
“I believe that all children are capable of learning no matter their background or circumstances.”

Farmington, MI

Ann B. – Math/Science/ACT/SAT Tutor – Farmington, MI
Madonna UniversityMath
“There are many methods for doing most problems in math. I believe in showing my students the simplest method so that it will help them be as successful as possible.”

Farmington Hills, MI

Eastern Michigan UniversityBusiness Administration
“As an ideal teacher, I understand the classroom is a place to transmit my positive energy to my students through learning and growth in the subject matter.”
Eastern Michigan UniversityComputer Information Systems
“As an ideal teacher, I understand the classroom is a place to transmit my positive energy to my students through learning and growth in the subject matter.”

Fenton, MI

Michigan State UniversityFrench
“The purpose of education is to enrich the lives of people by teaching them the knowledge and life skills that aid them in the process of socialization, which in turn, enables them to live as responsible citizens of a community.”
Michigan State UniversityFrench
“I believe education is very important.”

Fowlerville, MI

Central Michigan UniversityElementary Education
“We as educators need to find the ways that they learn best, as we know that every student can succeed if given the chance.”

Gaylord, MI

Jessica M. – Math/Science Tutor – Gaylord, MI
Westminster CollegeEnvironmental Science
“I believe all children have the right to be educated in mind, body and spirit.”

Grand Rapids, MI

Ruth M. – English Tutor – Grand Rapids, MI
Calvin CollegeElementary Education
“Education is the discovery and exploration of identifying, naming and giving value to what we take in.”

Kalamazoo, MI

Emily C. – Science/English/ACT/SAT Tutor – Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo CollegeHuman Development and Social Relations
“There is so much to learn and I believe that kids and adults alike learn most when learning is fun!”
Western Michigan UniversityElementary Education
“All students deserve an opportunity to learn.”