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Charles B

English, History Tutor

University of Windsor

Majors: History

Minors: English, Classics

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; M.A., History

About Me



My educational philosophy is that students are always unique, and that a teacher needs to adapt their methods to suit them. The goal of teaching is to find a way that works for both, so that a student can learn in their own way.

Pursuing student success is absolutely crucial, and information must be presented in dialogue or discussion, rather than the formal ‘sage on the stage’ method.


I am extensively versed in History, English, and Classics, having completed three degrees and making a constant study of my subjects in a wide range of topics.

I’ve completed my Master’s Degree in history, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in that subject, and my Bachelor of Education. I also have two years of PhD training in history.


I have six years of experience teaching student as a Graduate and Teaching Assistant, on a variety of topics. In addition, I am a volunteer lecturer with senior’s classes in Windsor, giving me experience with diverse audiences.


I am an avid reader, dedicating much of my spare time to expanding my knowledge and finding new ways to convey information. I am also a writer, with my first book coming out in 2016.
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