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Clifford H

Math, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

University of Manitoba

Majors: Math

Minors: Geography, History

Other Certificates: M.A.: Education; B.A.:Education; Teaching Certification: British Columbia

About Me



Teachers are no longer the fountains of information we used to be. The internet does that. We are now guides for students to find the right places to look for the information. Then we are to help them know how to use it. This is our role in the digital age.


I have studied math, geography and history, as well as the theories of education. These I studied at the University of Manitoba starting in 1996.

In 2009 I finished studying for my Masters degree in Education. I specialized in Curriculum and Instructional design.


I spent 15 years teaching English at various levels in Taiwan. This included young children, older children, and university students. I have taught large groups and one-on-one. I enjoyed both. Now I am teaching in Vancouver, Canada. I teach English, Math, Geography and Civic Studies.


I love spending time with my wife of 15 years. We like to see the landscape and often go for long rides. I play the guitar and enjoy all types of sports.
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