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Connor Y

Math, Science, English, Elementary Education Tutor

University of Winnipeg

Majors: English Major

Other Certificates: B.A., Education

About Me



I believe real learning occurs most effectively when students discover things for themselves. Accordingly, I think the role of a teacher should be that of a facilitator of discovery, by providing learning experiences where students uncover things on their own. I also believe in teaching students to be learners, as vague as that may sound.

I think people learn best either when they don’t know they’re learning or when they’re eager to do so. By making learning experiences fun and unique, as well as by developing automatic critical thinking skills, teachers can turn students into lifelong learners.


I graduated from high school in 2011 as co-valedictorian and Governor General’s Award recipient. I began studying at the University of Winnipeg the same year, enrolled in the integrated B.A./B.Ed. program. I’m currently in my fourth year of the five year program and have been on the Dean’s Honour List as a “Student of Distinction” (once) and “Student of Highest Distinction” (twice).


As a current B.Ed student, I’ve been teaching in practicum placements for the past 3 and a half years. Most of my experience is in the primary and middle years streams, although I’ve also spent time as a homework support tutor for high school students. My current placement is in a grade one class, although I intend to teach middle years once certified.


I think I’m a fairly well-rounded guy. I’ve been playing a number of sports since I was young, including hockey, baseball, and volleyball. I also enjoy playing guitar and bass, either with friends or my brother. Probably my favourite past time, however, is stop-motion animation.