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Dakota S

English Tutor

Arizona Christian University

Majors: Education (English)

Minors: Biblical Studies

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Arizona

About Me



My philosophy begins with meeting the needs of each individual student. A famous philosopher once said, “A society grows great when faithful men plant trees whose shade they will never sit under.” I firmly believe that each student can be great, but it takes faithful, diligent work to reach them. Years from now, I believe I will see the prosperity of my work by seeing the prosperity of the student.


I attended Arizona Christian University to complete my B.S. in Education. I gained valuable experience and pedagogy from some of the best educational mentors in the state of Arizona. Currently, I am working on an MDIV from an online seminary in Biblical Communications, and also gearing up for a certification in international teaching.


Throughout my first three years as a high school English teacher, I worked in many different environments, with a broad perspective of students. For the first year of teaching, I had the opportunity to teach a 9th grade honors class, while also serving alongside ESL students with very low English backgrounds. On top of that, I have also had opportunities teaching informally in the Philippines and Micronesia.

These experiences have since formed my educational philosophy on meeting the needs of each individual student, because each person begins at a different place in their road to completing their education.


It was my honor to serve in the community as the youth pastor of my church, giving me another chance to learn counseling tactics for a few years. Not only that, but I also gained opportunities to coach high school football and basketball in the process.

Lastly, throughout my first three years of teaching, I ran the Student Government (Student Council) class in the advisory role. Each of these experiences gave me the ability to teach student leadership skills wherever I have gone.

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