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Danielle D

English Tutor

California Sate University

Majors: English; Journalism

Minors: History; Musical Theatre

Other Certificates: M.A., Education; Teaching Certification: California, Colorado

About Me



If I can improve a student’s communication skills, I feel satisfied that I have provided him or her with skills to not only approach each academic subject, but to take on the future’s type of “languages” that will no doubt continue to evolve. My expertise covers many different approaches for many different learners. My philosophy is always about finding a way to help.


I completed my Bachelor’s Degree majoring in both English and Journalism and minoring in History and Musical Theatre. In 2006, I received my Master’s Degree in Education and because I am a life-long learner, I also have certificates for multi-media, teaching adults and photo journalism.


I have been a teacher for 20 years. I have mostly done English and journalism, but when being trained for Special Ed, I was an intern for K-3, so I have seen learners milestones and development over a real time line.


My favorite class to teach is speech because it’s pure communication and, believe that though not as academic as Literature classes, it is the most useful tool young people can have.
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