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David P

Math, Science, Geography Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Mathematics, Physics

Other Certificates: PhD, Astrophysics

About Me



My teaching philosophy focuses on understanding fundamental principles, extensive problem solving, and practical applications. Problem solving is essential to master the material and grasp the fundamentals of any topic, and practical applications help link the sometimes abstract subject matter to the real world, which in turn allows the student to place the material in a broader context. I believe this in turn helps motivate students, allows them to enjoy learning the material, and, in the case of high school students, expands their options for future study.


My background is in mathematics and physics. Math includes calculus, probability and statistics, analysis, differential equations, and algebra at an undergraduate level. Physics includes mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, thermodynamics and astrophysics at a graduate level. My graduate research focused on the intersection between astrophysics and statistics, so I am deeply knowledgeable about these subjects in particular.


I have about one year’s experience as a private 1-on-1 tutor, and seven years’ experience as a teaching assistant in graduate school, including lab demonstrations, tutorials (lectures on problem solving), and marking.


I have considerable interest in computer technology and like to study programming and applications such as machine learning in my spare time. I enjoy puzzles, word games, chess, and, when I have the time, traveling.