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Debra E

English Tutor

Davidson College

Majors: English

Other Certificates: A Teaching Certificate: North Carolina

About Me



All students deserve the opportunity to acquire an exceptional education in a vibrant and engaging environment. A true learning environment involves the exchange of ideas in a non-threatening and enriching manner that benefits both the instructor and the students so that all parties are learners.


I studied all advance classes (AP)in high school, graduating with a 4.36 GPA. I earned my BA in English from an exceptional private college (Davidson College in Davidson, NC). In addition to majoring in English, I took a number of education classes and graduated with an A certificate to teach in the state of NC.


I taught high school English for five years (immediately after graduating) and held an A certificate until I decided to pursue another career. During my career in PR, I have taught annual seminars for professionals wishing to hone their skills. I have also taught all ages in Sunday School (20+ years).


While in college, I was involved in tutoring programs for underprivileged children. During my professional career, I was involved with the local chamber of commerce and a leadership program, in which I developed a program to enhance business support for local schools including a mentoring program.
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